15 Heαгtwαгmiпg Imαges Of Bгαve Dogs Of Wαг

It is well known that the dog is man’s best friend. They are so loyal to their owners that sometimes it is incredible that a human being deserves such love.

But dogs are not only pets that are kept at home, but also do extraordinary tasks such as accompanying people with disabilities or helping in therapies for older adults or people with certain diseases.

Another task in which 4-legged friends have stood out is in the service they provide as part of the police or the armed forces of different countries.

They perform tasks that are difficult or nearly impossible for the military itself, and when they retire or lose their lives,

they receive the same honors as any of their two- legged companions . These 15 images will move you to the bone.

  1. In a paticle session

2. A moment of affection

3. Hero and war veteran

4. Monument dedicated to war dogs

5. A big hug

6. Saying goodbye to your friend

7. How about a kiss?

8. Goodbye, mate

9. Rehabilitation therapy

10. Adopting a Veteran Dog

11. A colleague saying goodbye

12. Any place is good to sleep

13. A Hero in Canine Heaven

14. Faithful friend

15. Ready for action

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