A dog abandoned in the countryside pursues a car, imploring to be rescued.

Martina Russo and her partner Fil love traveling. They were driving through the Spanish countryside in the Granada province when they noticed a tiny pooch chasing their van.

At first, both of them thought that the dog was being playful.

However, after the dog continuously chased the van, they began to feel that something was wrong.

The little one, whom the couple named Moxie, looked very distressed while she ran. They gave her some water and took the dog along with them in their van.

The couple even searched for the dog’s owner. They checked all the houses in the area and tried to find the owner, but no one knew the dog.

They even posted information about her online, but no one came for her.

Moxie was also taken to a vet to get her checkup done. The vet told them that she did not have a microchip and was not spayed.

The dog seemed to be wandering on the road alone for a long time as she had dense fur, and there was gunk around the eyes.

The couple decided to adopt Moxie, a Shih Tzu/Yorkie mix. The tiny dog was adorable and gentle. She was about a year old when she was found by Martina and Phil.

The couple knew that Moxie would be happy as she instantly bonded with them. Moxie now loves to travel around with her family and loves to spend time with her cat siblings.

The tiny dog may be small, but she is full of energy and never leaves the couple’s side. She is one lucky pup as she found her way to her new family during the most challenging time of her life.

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