A hunting dog named Charlie took in an abandoned fawn as if it were his own and cared for it in the woods.

Two sisters from Bavaria, Germany, had a 4-year-old Hungarian Pointing dog or a Vizsla named Leo. Their family lived in the countryside on modern organic farms. The property was surrounded by forests, meadows, and fields. One day, Leo met Ludovica (Lu) in mid-2021.

Lu’s mother had dropped her off in the garden. Although she returned once for her baby, she never showed herself after that. So the two sisters watched from inside their house. Since the fawn was hungry and limping, the duo decided to feed her. Thankfully, Leo knew what to do in such a situation and interacted with the fawn.

Leo adopted the fawn without the sisters making him do so. The sisters were like the fawn’s mother, and Leo was the father. The fawn needed special care and plenty of time. She needed to be fed once every two hours. The sisters took care of the fawn no matter what the weather condition was outside. They also ensured they kept the fawn out since she was a wild animal. The boundary fence guarded her against any possible danger.

Soon the family opened the fence for Lu, and she started walking around the property. As she grew bigger, her radius of explorations also increased. Soon Lu began to spend more time in the wild with Leo protecting her. Staying with a deer made the dog feel and act like a deer himself. Lu would think twice before entering the woods until she saw Leo entering before she did.

Lu would always follow Leo. While running in the forest or sniffing at each other, Lu would do everything that Leo did. The family installed a GPS tracker on Lu. The deer would do everything on her own. Whether it was exploring a new area or going out in the wilderness.

As Lu started spending more time in the wild, the family saw less of the deer. So they made Lu wear an orange collar so they could spot her easily. Since deer cannot see the color orange, it was okay to make her wear it.

The orange collar also protected her from hunters. Lu never liked other people and disliked other dogs. However, when she was with Leo and the sisters, Lu was utterly different. The people in the area were informed about a deer wearing an orange collar. That kept her safe.

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