“A Lucky Rescue: Hearing-Impaired Canine Saved from Deep Pitfall”

Tino deserves a round of applause for his heroic act today. He discovered a mature dog named Puppy who had been trapped in mud.

Puppy is a hefty dog, weighing 150 pounds and aging at 11 years old. Our search for him began at 5 AM as he had been missing for around 40 hours.

Tino’s sense of smell led us to a muddy area approximately one mile away from our home in the dense forest.

A deaf and elderly dog that has Ƅeen мissing for days is rescued Ƅy Tino.

Puppy was stuck in the mud and it took three people to rescue him. His hind legs weren’t functioning properly due to prolonged exposure to the cold mud.

Without a search dog, Puppy’s family might not have located him since the woods stretch for miles. Tino, who had been training for around 16 months, had his initial “Walk up find” event on his third official search.

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