An exceptionally intelligent German Shepherd amazes its owners by watching videos of himself on YouTube.

Rocky, a German Shepherd dog, lived in Costa del Sol, Spain, with his owners Taras and his family.

The 2-year-old was very caring and gentle towards the other siblings and had always been very well-behaved.

Recently, the owners decided to check the reaction of their German Shepherd dog while watching himself playing with his puppy sibling and duck friends on a laptop.

So they switched on the computer and showed one of the moments where he shared the screen with his buddies.

Rocky curiously stared at the laptop screen and tried to figure out how his siblings were moving around on the computer display with him.

First, he tried to sniff the bed and then went behind the screen to find if they were behind it.

Rocky behaved like the cutest dog. The way he looked at the screen with incredible focus made Taras and his partner smile.

The first thing he saw on the laptop was his puppy friends playing with him.

The curious dog saw himself on screen and was very puzzled. So, Rocky quickly turned around, kissed his owner Taras, and then continued to stare at the laptop screen,

which had him and his little puppy friends having a good time.

The screen soon changed to another moment where the German Shepherd was still a tiny puppy. Rocky was surprised when he saw himself playing with his duck sibling in a small pool on the screen.

He continued to sniff at the laptop and funnily tilted his head while staring at the screen, making his owners laugh.

The surprised look on the dog’s face was adorable. Till the end, Rocky could not believe what he saw and was puzzled by the whole situation.

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