An Incredible Rescue on the Highway: Saving a Pup Just in Time

On a trip to Manhattan, Steve McLean and Matt Mcmillan, employees of Coleman Electric, had an unexpected turn of events.

They noticed a frightened dog on the back of their tow truck and immediately stopped the vehicle to rescue the poor pup. It turned out to be a 4-month-old female puppy.

Matt Mcmillan brought his dog to work to take care of her. After completing his tasks, he took the pup to the vet to check if she had a microchip, but unfortunately, the dog didn’t have one.

Matt had a realization that the adorable dog had to become a part of his family. He recently lost his beloved dog and immediately decided to adopt the found dog forever. He named her Carmel.

“He’s an overly sweet dog. We can’t live without each other,” the man added.

Despite facing a challenging start to life, Carmel now finally finds herself surrounded by loving people and in a safe and happy place. This is truly a wonderful ending!

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