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DC Young Fly Wife

DC young is a world-renowned public figure famous for his acting, YouTubing, rapping, writing, and much more.

DC Young Fly wife is one of the most trending query of his fans these days. Let’s dive into his family and relationgship.

DC Young FlyAmerican Actor, Rapper, YouTuber And Writer
GirlfriendMs. Jacky Oh (Dating since 2015)
DaughtersNova Whitfield and Nala Whitefield
SisterNo sister
BrotherDa Crew

He has a family that includes his girlfriend and two of his daughters. Being a famous figure, you’re always in the public limelight.

It is no wonder that people adore celebrities and stars so much that they even search about their life. What they do, how they live, how much they earn, to name a few.

DC Young Fly Wife And Family

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DC has been living with his girlfriend for so many years. He met his soul mate as a co-star, Ms Jacky Oh, on the Wild N’ Out and started dating.

Despite being unmarried, they both have a pair of daughters together named Nova and Nala.

Other members of his family that we knew a little detail about are his parents and his brother.

His brother got killed in 2011 and, his dad died due to Alzheimer’s disease. Besides, he is in touch with his mother.

DC Young Fly Girlfriend

DC Young Fly Girlfriend

Jacky Oh is an actress, model, YouTuber, and Instagram star. She met DC on the popular show wild N’ out where, they fell in love with each other.

She has a plethora of 744k subscribers on YouTube. Here she posts vlogs related to her daily life, her acting, and her hair care.

Jacky and John have been together for such a long time. They have good chemistry together.

They are parents of two baby girls, and seem like they both are good at parenting.

Besides their personal life, Jacky and DC Young Fly net worth has been significantly increased by the show.

DC. Young Fly Kids

DC Young is a father of two kids, both girls. His elder daughter is Nova Whitfield and, the other one is Nala Whitfield.

Nova was born in 2016 and is currently five years old. While Nala is about to celebrate her first birthday (Born in 2020). They both are very dear to their parents.

DC Young Fly Daughter

They both appeared in vlogs of her mother, Jacky Oh. A few videos of DC have also featured her eldest daughter, Nova. They both seem well-mannered and polite kids.

DC. Young Fly Parents

His dad had Alzheimer’s disease and died because of it. His mother, however, is alive and is in a good relationship with his son, John.

DC Young Fly loves his mother so much and, he even gifted her Mercedez Benz. He sold it after some years and got her a new one.

DC Young Fly Siblings

Whitfield is the youngest of all seven brothers. In 2011, one of his brothers got killed and, it affected him badly. His brother’s death proved to be the kick start for his rapping career.

To pay respect to him, John got a tattoo between his brows. This Tattoo stands for Da Crew, which is for his late brother.

What People Ask About DC Young Fly Wife? | FAQs

Q. Is DC Young married to Jacky Oh?

No, Jacky Oh is not a wife of DC Young Fly. They both are just living together as partners. They haven’t decided to marry yet.

Q. Has Nala Whitfield turned one?

Nala hasn’t turned one yet. There is still a month or more in her first birthday.

Q. Is DC Young rich?

DC young has a pretty good network and a substantial income which makes him wealthy and privileged.

Q. How many kids does DC Young have?

DC has two kids, both daughters. The elder one is five years old while younger one hasn’t even reached her first birthday.

Q. Does DC Young have no siblings?

DC is the youngest among all of his seven brothers. As one of his brothers got murdered, they are six siblings now.

This article was last updated in May, 2024.
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