Dog Didn’t Recognize Her Dad After Being Lost For 3 Years, Then Dad Crouched

When dog Pakita went missing 3 years ago, her father was distraught and terrified. The man felt helpless as he searched everywhere for her, but his hopes kept dwindling.

However, he never gave up and continued to search for her in shelters, until his efforts were finally rewarded.

Three years later, Dad was thrilled to discover that Pakita was alive and in a remote shelter, where she had been living a rather distant and bleak life for the past 3 years.

But when he arrived at the shelter to take her home, Pakita’s reaction was not what he expected…

The years of separation and the difficult life in the shelter took their toll on Pakistan. The depressed dog trusted only her janitors and refused to see her father.

She didn’t recognize him at all and whined when she saw a strange new human approaching her.

Daddy realized that Pakita was nervous because of the stress and urged her to come closer. Pakita hesitated, but Daddy crouched down and called to her, prompting her to go sniff him – and it was love at first sight for her!

She began to recognize his scent and gradually realized that her long-lost Daddy had come back to take her home!

This clip captures the incredible moment when Pakita overcomes her doubts and acknowledges Daddy with ecstatic emotions! In a matter of seconds,

she goes from fear to shock to crazy joy, and her dad assures her that she’ll never feel alone again.

Keep your volume up by watching their heartbreaking reunion below!

Click on the video above to see Pakita go crazy with joy when she finally recognizes her father!

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