Dog Too Sick To Sit Is Given A Final Ride Around Town, Makes A Miraculous Recovery

Maverick was just flesh and bones when Joey Maxwell and his wife first spotted him at a death shelter.

They adopted him, and Mav became a member of their family for six joyful years, writes embounce

So, when the doggie was diagnosed with lymphoma a few years ago, Maxwell did everything he could to assist his four-legged companion fight cancer—and the first round of treatment was a success.

However, two months ago, the sickness reappeared, putting him unable to move.

As a result, the owner decided to take the doggie for a wagon ride.

What began as an effort to make Mav’s dying days as pleasant as possible turned out to have a significant influence on the doggie’s health.

“When we take him out, he barks at everyone who goes by until they pat him because he believes the whole world is there to love on him,” Maxwell explained to CBS News.

And he might be correct. The outpouring of love and support for Maxwell and his dog is remarkable. Maxwell, for example, earned a 50% wagon discount after sharing his tale, and both he and the Lowe’s cashier began to weep.

People in Maxwell’s little village recognize Maverick and approach him to show him their support.

Mav is a huge fan of such coasters. Perhaps this is why the dog becomes stronger by the day.

“We’re in a wonderful position because we know how much Mav means to so many other people now, and we know he’s felt every bit of it back.”
Maverick is feeling the love: he can now sit on his own and is becoming stronger by the day!

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