Fallon Taylor Net Worth And Some Interesting Facts 2024

Fallon Taylor Net Worth And Some Interesting Facts

Fallon Taylor Net Worth

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NET WORTH:$2 million
Earning Source:American Racer
Date Of Birth:July 18, 1982
Birth Place:Tampa, Florida, United States
Husband:Delbert Alvarado
Height:1.73 m
Last Updated:May 2024

Who Is Fallen Taylor

Fallon Taylor is the World Barrel racing champion. The young racer started her first NFR when she was only 13 years old. At the age of only 8, she joined the Women’s Rodeo.

Her family supported her passion for barrel racing. Her father especially encouraged her to pursue it. And he even moved the whole family to Texas so that Fallon could join the Rodeo.

And she got her training from the best, Martha Josey, which is why Fallon Taylor ended up with a net worth of $2 million from her career.

Fallon Taylor Net Worth

Early Life And Career Of Fallon Taylor:

Fallon Taylor was born on 18 July 1982 in Florida. Her family supported her passion from the age of 7. Due to her coaching sessions with Martha, Fallon was schooled at home.

Just as a teenager, she qualified for the NFR four times. At the age of only 14, she won the Rodeo Houston, the world’s largest Rodeo and received a cash prize of $15,000.

In 1998, she decided to put a pause on her barrel racing career and decided to try acting. She moved to LA and was in an Axe body spray commercial. She also appeared in High Hopes, The Loop and Two and a Half Men.

During her barrel racing career, she got seven NFR qualifications, won the best barrel racing championship in 2014, and AQHA barrel racing championship in 2015.

Fallon Taylor Net Worth And Some Interesting Facts
Fallon Taylor Riding Horse

Personal Life Of Fallon Taylor:

In 2012 Fallon Taylor met the Dallas Cowboy player Delbert Alvarado, and the two immediately hit off. The couple married during the same year. But due to some differences, Fallon had to divorce her husband in 2015.

In her early career, Fallon was famous for her unique dressing sense. Her fashion choice was very different than most of the girls playing barrel racing. In 2009, Fallon injured herself while looping her horse.

The doctor said that Fallon would not be able to walk again due to her injury. But the racer met a quick recovery and started racing back in 2012.

Fallon Taylor Some Interesting Facts

Barrel Seasons And Earnings of Fallon Taylor:

Fallon Taylor net worth of $2 million was through her barrel racing career.

  • Season 2012: Taylor started barrel racing again in 2012 and won $53,922, ranking 16th in World Championship earnings. Her horse BabyFlo performed so well that it received the Barrel Racing Horse of the year.
  • Season 2013: Taylor was ranked 11th in the world standing this year by earning $116,785. Her horse won the title again.
  • Season 2014: This year, Taylor won her first World Champion title with earnings of $276,441.
  • Season 2015: Her earnings during 2015 were $187,587, and she won 1st in Rowell Ranch Rodeo and second position in three other Rodeos.
Fallon Taylor Interesting Facts


It is essential to try different things. But in the end, it comes down to your passion. After taking a break from barrel racing, Fallon decided to try acting. But she knew her real talent was in barrel racing. Even after suffering severe injury, she did not let her hopes go down.

Because the support of your family is everything, this is what the career of Fallon Taylor teaches us.

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