From Garbage Eater to a Loved and Transformed Stray Dog

The tale revolves around an old dog named Abby, who was discovered by animal control while rooting through trash to stay alive. The poor pooch was emaciated and ill, and her age was guessed to be in the range of 10-12 years.

Realizing their inability to provide adequate care for the dog, the animal control reached out to the Humane Society of Northwest Louisiana seeking assistance.

The rescuers were shocked when they first laid eyes on her. It seemed impossible that she had managed to survive on her own with all the injuries she had sustained. Among these injuries were a broken hind leg, skin and ear infections, and a few other health issues.

The rescuers wasted no time in attending to the woman’s long-standing health issues. They provided her with weeks of treatment and even performed a surgery to address all of her concerns. As a result, she has made significant progress and is now in much better health than when she first arrived.

The completion of her treatment is just around the corner and as soon as it’s finished, she’ll be up for adoption. It’s our sincerest wish that this furry friend will finally find the loving and permanent home that she rightfully deserves.

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