“Furry Friend’s Heartbreaking Tale: Owner Abandons Two-Legged Pooch Due to Disability”

A dog with only two legs was heartlessly evicted from her home by her owner who couldn’t handle her disability and was ashamed of it.

The story of the courageous little dog, who defied all odds to live a fulfilling life, was captured in the book “With a Little Faith”. This little pup was left to fend for himself by his owner due to being born with just two legs. However, he soon became an icon of strength and resilience. The pup was born in the US on Christmas Eve in 2002 with a rare birth defect that left him with just three legs – one of which was tiny and non-functional.

It’s possible that the reason the mother dog abandoned her was because she had only two hind legs and was in poor health. The owner of the puppy deemed her unsalvageable and discarded her on the street. However, a kind-hearted mother and daughter named Jude Stringfellow came across the helpless pup and took her under their care. Although the little dog was weak, they nursed her back to health. Despite the initial assumption that the dog wouldn’t make it, Jude was determined to give her a chance at life. Unfortunately, some people recommended putting the puppy down, but Jude refused to give up on her.

In contrast to Mrs. Jude’s biological children, Jude herself was adopted and raised by her own family. Upon receiving a new furry addition to the family, Jude decided to name the little dog Faith in hopes that she would bring miracles and keep her faith strong. However, Faith faced initial struggles with a skateboard designed by Mrs. Jude for her mobility. For some time, Faith relied on pushing with her hind legs while leaning on the skateboard. Mrs. Jude persevered and taught Faith how to stand upright through jumping exercises, ultimately leading to reinforced hind legs that made it easier for Faith to stand on her own.

Faith had undergone rigorous training for six months before she could stand and run on her hind legs. She loves visiting the park where she fearlessly plays with everyone. Her unique ability to walk on two legs makes her the center of attention, and people are moved by her enthusiasm despite her small stature. Faith has become a beloved and admired dog by all who have met her.

The healing power of a little doggo

Faith, the tiny pup, won hearts all over when she defied odds and learned to walk despite being born with a birth defect. Her story quickly spread far and wide, earning her a place on multiple TV shows.

In addition to that, several other publications have also featured this extraordinary canine. Faith has even authored a book called “With a Little Faith.”
Following the war, Faith took on the role of a “therapy dog,” helping wounded soldiers deal with their emotional scars. Additionally, she serves as a source of inspiration and encouragement for seriously ill hospital patients, motivating them to fight their illnesses.

Jude Stringfellow made the decision to resign from her teaching job and embark on a global adventure with Faith. Her message to others is that having a beautiful soul is more important than having a perfect body.

The inspiring tale of this adorable canine could serve as a source of inspiration to keep our faith strong, put in more effort, and persist towards our aspirations. It’s similar to the well-known saying, “when one door shuts, another one opens.” Any obstacle can be overcome with perseverance and determination, leading to success.

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