Golden Dog Rejoices, Tears Non-Stop When Meeting Owner Again After 5 Years Away

Because he couldn’t afford to take care of him, the man had to give the Golden dog for other, and the day he met the dog, the former owner broke down at the dog’s reaction.

Many people’s tears have been dried by a recent narrative published on Sohu, China.

The man mentioned that he was lucky to be accepted to work in a foreign firm with an excellent income approximately 5 years ago, when he had just completed from high school. The man leased a property on his own at the time and got a golden retriever.

The Golden Dog was only a few months old when he got to his new home, but he was highly brilliant, and the owner only had to teach him a few times before he was able to learn on his own. As a consequence, the man forms a great relationship to this young puppy. However, the fact that the dog is so nice and seems to grasp what he is saying makes him adore it even more.

When he returns home from work every night, the small puppy always meets him as soon as he opens the door to the house. When he’s furious, the Golden retriever becomes a “friend” to whom he may confide and a small spiritual solace. I’m not sure whether the dog understood what he said, but he patiently sat down to listen to his feelings every time.

Just suppose that life would continue to be like way perpetually, yet “good days are brief and not unpleasant.” “Storms” struck after three years of peace. His employment is really frigid, and his loved one require a big quantity of money. The love tale did not end well as the money he had saved was squandered on treating his loved ones. As a consequence, his intentions to marry the lady he had loved for many years were also destroyed, both as a result of a quick message.

The wind and waves swept in suddenly, causing the man to grow unhappy. He was unable to get up due to the shock of the love tale, and he had lost all motivation to work. Due to his unemployment, he was unable to afford to rent a complete house for himself and continue to live in the pricey city.

He had no choice but to relocate to another city and share a room with a friend in the end. However, as a consequence of the sharing, he is no longer competent to care for the Golden dog in the same way as previously. Despite his objections, he ended up giving the puppy to a pal.

Because he couldn’t afford to care for him, the man had no choice but to give the Golden dog away in order for him to have a better life. Photo courtesy of Sohu

When he initially moved to a new house, his Golden dog stopped eating for several days, according to his friend. His friend tried to contact him at the time but was unsuccessful. Fortunately, the Golden dog started to acclimate and eat again approximately three months later.

His life is now solid again after 5 years of hard struggle. On the Tet break this year, he decided to pay a visit to his friend and check how the senior Golden retriever was doing.

The owner is taken aback by the dog’s actions.

When the Golden Dog noticed the man, he did not bark as he normally would, but instead approached him carefully. The dog appeared to have realized that the elderly owner had raised him, as he wrapped his arms around his legs and proceeded to celebrate and scream incessantly.

The Golden Dog’s response affected everyone in the room, but the person kept mute out of sorrow. He felt horrible since he had previously mistreated the dog and abandoned him.

Every dog’s owner is always their whole world. No matter how much the dog changes with a new owner and how much better life is, no matter how long they are separated, the dog will always remember the owners who used to provide them so much attention.

As a consequence, think seriously before sending your dog away or selling it to someone else, since they will be sad and miss you deeply.

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