Good Dog Saves A Baby Deer From Drowning

Meet Storm, the hero pup who didn’t hesitate in the face of danger when he saw something or someone drowning in the water, writes kingdomstv.

Storm jumped straight into the water and as he approached. the helpless creature, he discovered that it was an injured baby deer.

He then grabbed the baby deer with his mouth and dragged it to safety.

Even after rescuing the fawn, Storm wouldn’t leave her side and kept licking her to keep her warm. He and his human stayed until help arrived.

They were from the Strong Island Animal Rescue and they also came into some trouble as the disorientated deer accidentely jumped in the water again.

This time though, Frankie Florida, a volunteer from the shelter jumped in to save her.

The fawn was then treated and made a full recovery, all thanks to Storm!

Watch the video below:

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