Hannah Kepple And Xolo | The Roller Coaster Relationship

Hannah Kepple And Xolo

After the first season of Cobra Kai, two avid fans were able to take their love story one step further by dating each other.

The romance in “Cobra Kai” must have turned into a real-life connection for these actors because Hannah Kepple and Xolo Maridueña dated the following filming on recent episodes!

Hannah Kepple And Xolo – The Cute Couple

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Hannah Kepple And Xolo Mariduena relationship

Xolo and Kepple have been dating since season 1. They even admitted that their friendship kicked off while the show was being filmed! Check out Hannah Kepple’s full biography!

“Well, I am dating Xolos who plays Miguel,” says Kepple in an interview with MEA Worldwide at the Arizona Music Awards this year.

“It all started when we were filming our first season back then; there is no way you can really work together without becoming friends.”

Hannah Kepple boyfriend

While they were dating, Mariduena and Kepple publicly showed their love for each other. They shared several pictures on social media pages that showed them cuddling up after a long day at work or frolicking through nature’s beauty outside of town.

The two seemed happy when you saw how often photos from this relationship surface online!

What Happened Between Cobra Kai Star Hannah Kepple And Xolo Maridueña? | Interesting Facts

Cobra Kai Stars Dating
  • Hannah Kepple is best known for playing Corinne, the love interest of the main character.
  • She started dating Xolo Maridueña after he appeared on Season One of Cobra Kai and she was not previously involved with anyone else at this time.
  • There was an instant connection between the two and they even discussed getting matching tattoos.
  • Hannah Kepple is from Australia and has been working in the United States for a while now but her boyfriend, Xolo Maridueña lives an hour away from him on set!
  • The two have confirmed they are not engaged yet but did talk about marriage at some point…could it be in the future?
  • Hannah Kepple is currently focusing on her career and has been in a relationship with co star Xolo Maridueña for almost two years. It’s not clear when they started dating, but they seem to be getting along well!
  • Her current boyfriend, Xolani “Xolo” Mariduena is an actor who is best known for his role in the Karate Kid sequel series Cobra Kai. Previously, he was married, but it didn’t work out.
  • They met on the set of the show and began dating soon after! They have not talked about getting married yet, but it is definitely something they will discuss in the future.
  • Hannah Kepple is from Australia and Xolo Maridueña lives an hour away from him on set, but the two have been able to make their relationship work so far!

Hannah Kepple Breakup

Hannah Kepple Breakup

In 2020, their fans noticed that the two of them had deleted all traces of each other from social media.

Just like when they first started dating and didn’t go public with confirming whether or not they were still together after a breakup – just as expected!

It is only a matter of time before social media becomes the first place we look when our relationship has ended.

Unfortunately, in this digital age, people can’t just delete their past with someone they used to be in love with; it would hurt too much and be seen as confirmation that there was never anything more than friendship between them.

A couple starts going through some rough patches, or things change dramatically for one partner, then all signs point towards FB being deleted (even though it is private).

This article was last updated in April, 2024.
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