How Much Does Zlaner Earn From YouTube?

We would like to mention up front that the overall net worth of Zlaner is $500000 according to the accurate estimations. The estimates are based on actual facts and data that have been directly acquired, not on inaccurate guesswork.

Let us now take you on a voyage that includes full members and finally Zlaner’s YouTube experience and earnings from YouTube. Zlaner has exactly 419k subscribers till now. Worth has consistently uploaded videos; there are currently 521 of them in his YouTube closet.

More than 66,969,975 people have watched these videos as of this writing, and that number is rising as Zlaner uploads more and more content.

Start of the Zlaner YouTube Career

On March 30, 2018, Zlaner started his YouTube channel. “SPECTATING THE SMARTEST HACKER IN WARZONE! COD: WARZONE GAMEPLAY” is one of his most well-liked uploads.

The video with more than 750k views is this one. Zlaner has additionally received support from G Fuel Energy. Dr. Disrespect and Zlaner worked together on his YouTube channel. Popular Canadian gamer and streamer ZLaner broadcasts on Facebook rather than Twitch.

The majority of Call of Duty Warzone streams are owned by ZLaner, who has used them to gain over 600k followers on his page. Over 190k people subscribe to YouTube video creator ZLaner. In numerous competitions, the great professional Warzone player displayed faultless play.

Zack’ ZLaner’ Lane, a professional war zone gamer on Facebook and Twitch, is known in-game as ZLaner. Zack has shared streams and pictures on Twitter and Instagram very frequently. Zlaner is listed among the highest-paid YouTubers by more than 100k of his social media followers.

A YouTube celebrity named ZLaner frequently uploads amazing gameplays to his channel. According to recent updates, Zlaner and Dr. Disrespect talked about hacking in Warzone when Zlaner was streaming with them.

He was going to be sponsored by G Fuel Energy since they saw his enormous potential. Zlaner is well-known for his videos that feature video game culture, action-adventure games, and action games.

Here are the statistics for the previous two weeks, broken down by day.

  • This period’s lowest daily views are 27,25K.
  • The most viewers each day are 157.92K.
  • We have an average rise of 3.3% per week and 13.3% each month compared to the prior period.

His primary source of revenue and earnings is YouTube. Advertisers often pay $2 to $5 for every 1000 views, while this amount might vary depending on the device, location, ad content, user involvement, and many other aspects. YouTube has now stopped taking 45% of all advertising revenue.

If an advertisement paid an average of $5CPM (cost per 1000 views), YouTube would receive $5 of that amount, or $2.75 and Google would receive the remaining $2.25. That is the basic premise of YouTube revenue.

66,969,975 people have watched the entire video. Now, multiplying that by 1000, we get 66969.975 total views. The total YouTube revenue, assuming an average of $3 per 1000 views, is $200909.925.

YouTubers are considered self-employed and are subject to the 20% tax level. Since 20% of the aforementioned result was subtracted, Zlaner’s estimated YouTube profits are $150,554.


Zlaner has more than 133k Instagram followers; businesses pay a certain sum for each post they publish. Taking into account the last 15 posts, his postings have an average follower engagement rate of 3.71%.

As a result, the estimated cost of charge sponsorship ranges from $400.5 to 667.5. His net worth is $500000 after taking into account all the information provided above and adding up his YouTube earnings and other sources of income.

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