Israeli President says he is ‘incredibly satisfied’ with Kanye West aftermath after anti-Jewish comments


Israeli President Isaac Herzog on Wednesday said he is “incredibly satisfied”.The “mind-boggling response” to late prejudiced remarks from rapper and style planner Ye.

“We’re all concerned by antisemitism all over the world. It’s antisemitism, it’s racist, it’s racism, xenophobia – these are the challenges of the era, but history teaches us. Usually it starts with hating Jews, with blaming Jews, with terrible rhetoric that people say”. Herzog told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer on “The Situation Room”. When asked about antisemitism in the United States and the situation surrounding West.

“Also, that is the reason I’m incredibly satisfied, impartially, as an Israeli, and Jew, and individual. I’m very satisfied to see this staggering response against the remarks by Kanye West,” he proceeded.

Herzog’s reaction followed a reciprocal gathering with President Joe Biden prior Wednesday. During which the White House said Biden “denounced the determined scourge of hostile to Semitism.” And came in the midst of a corporate reaction against Ye. For xenophobic remarks and wearing a shirt with the trademark “White Lives Matter.”

In the new weeks, retailers, online entertainment stages, big names and style and diversion. Organizations have stripped away from business collusions with the rapper.

Toward the beginning of October, he wore a “White Lives Matter” shirt and dressed a few Dark models in apparel. Similar expression at his YZY runway show at Paris style week. The motto has been connected by the Counter Criticism Association to the Klu Klux Klan.

Ye likewise as of late said “I can say racist sh*t and Adidas can’t drop me”. During an outburst against Jews on the Beverage Winners Webcast, as well as compromised on Twitter to “Go demise con 3 on JEWISH Individuals.”

Adidas and others have since finished organizations with him.

Herzog let Blitzer on Wednesday know that with regards to discrimination against Jews, “the examples are clear.”

“It’s a worldwide issue,” he said. “We see it in many spots. We additionally expect that at whatever point you have an energy emergency, one more financial emergency. The initial ones to be accused, tragically, over the entire course of time, are the Jews. The examples are clear.”

“We raised our voice distinctly on this issue. It’s an issue of ethical quality which goes far past some other issue of the relationship that we have with others countries. We raised our voice plainly on this issue. ” Read More

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