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Kali Muscle Wife

Kali muscle wife is one of the top searches all over the internet these days. He has tied the knot two times in his life and has been on good terms with both of them.

He married his first wife some years back and later divorced her for some reasons best known to him.

His current wife is living a happy life with the bodybuilder.

His divorce from his ex-wife has created highlights as she did not acknowledge the divorce and wants to spend her life with the Youtuber.

However, there are rumors that Kali muscle’s second wife is the reason for his divorce from Dvyne Beverley.

In either case, do you want to know more insights into Kali Muscle’s romantic life?

Here we have all the details of what happened to Kali Muscle’s first wife, Why Kali’s muscle married Helena Vladis, and how many children Kali Muscle have?

Just follow us till the end to know more!

Who Was Kali Muscle Ex-Wife?

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Kali Muscle ex-wife
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Kali Muscle first married Dvyne Beverley, an R&B singer and associated with the label Swolbizness Records.

The two had spent numerous years together and have communicated their affection for one another on social platforms.

More and more, the two do not have any children together.

They both walked down the aisle on 20th July 2008 and lived their lives together for six years. After that, they both quit their relationship because of some reason.

Why Kali Muscle Left Dvyne Beverley?

Kali Muscle has discovered some unacceptable behaviors of Dvyne, which made Kali leave her.

The primary reason to divorce her is stealing. She used to steal money from their joint account, which led Kali to decide to divorce.

Moreover, Dvyne was not a responsible person when it came to spending money.

She was also someone who does not know how to earn money, and she was dependent on Kali Muscle for her necessities.

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Who is Helena Vladis? Kali Muscle Current Wife Or Girlfriend

Helena And Kali met in an expo where they both met through a familiar friend. They both clicked and before long began dating one another.

Since then, they both have engaged and got married secretly. Now, they are living a thrilled and glamorous life together.

Helena is a house maker and has two kids from Kali Muscle. One of his kids is Kali Muscle Kirkendall II, while the other is Brooke Taylor Kirkendall.

Kali Muscle and Helena have fantastic chemistry together, and the two have created their own YouTube channel.

Helena And Kali Muscle’s Net Worth got a great increase due to the YouTube channel. There, they both post content of their everyday life.

Kali Muscle Family – Children And Parents

Kali Muscle has faced a lot of problems in his childhood. His parents have been divorced, and he had never met his biological father.

His mother raised all three of them, along with her second husband.

He had three siblings, till one of them got killed in the accidental self-shooting.

After that, Kali had lost contact with all of his family members. Moreover, his family members never supported him on his bad days.

Kali Muscle has become the father of two twins, Kali Muscle Kirkendall II and Brooke Taylor Kirkendall.

They both totally depend on Kali Muscle and his partner, Helena. Kali has proved to be a brilliant father to both of them.

Kali Muscle Wife Instagram & Social Handles

Helena Vladis is available on Instagram, where she shares a lot more about her daily life and kids.

She has her account on the photo-sharing app as @helvlad. She has gained 22k followers there, primarily because of Kali Muscle’s popularity.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Kali Muscle Wife

Q. What is Helena Vladis’s age?

Helena Vladis seems to be in her early forties. Her accurate date of birth isn’t accessible, so it is hard to say anything regarding her age. She is, however, aging very well.

Q. How many wives does Kali Muscle have?

Kali Muscle has been married two times. He divorced his first wife because of some destructive behaviors. Later, she tied the knot with Helena Vlad in a private ceremony.

Q. Who is Kali Muscle’s father?

Kali Muscle’s biological father left all the siblings when they were too young. Their mother, along with her boyfriend, has raised all of them.

Q. Is Kali Muscle married?

Yes, Kali Muscle is happily married to Helena, and they both live a happy and blessed life together. Recently, Helena gave birth to twins, one boy, and a girl.

Q. Who are Kali Muscle kids?

Kali Muscle and Helena Vladis were blessed with twins earlier this year. The couple has posted the pictures with their kids on social handles.

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