Kindhearted Nurse Opens Hospice To Give Abandoned Senior Dogs Love During Their Last Days

Grеy Muzzlе Caninе Hospicе in Mansfiеld, England, takes in many puppies who have had a difficult life. Many were abused or overworked before being abandoned and passed away alone.

As these abandoned puppies live out their last days, Nicola Coylе is working hard to give them the love and care they deserve.

When she retired, she focused solely on rescuing dogs. Last year she founded Granny Muzzlе Caninе Hospicе. Nicola Coylе previously worked in a canine hospital, ensuring that every dog that visits the hospice receives regular care, a trip to the toilet and a birthday party.

Human care in a hospice is extremely important to improve quality of life, at least in the last months of life.

This should not only apply to humans, especially as some of us consider our dogs as family members. There are many dogs who have never experienced this love.

Pets rule the world and one woman has made it her mission to ensure that as many dogs as possible live as happy and peaceful lives as possible.

Coylе takes in young dogs who will likely only live for six months or less. She makes sure their last days here are as comfortable and loving as possible.

The dogs come from shelters, animal clinics and rescue organizations. Without Coylе they would have to be put down. Instead, they can enjoy their last days in peace. When the dogs arrive at the hospital, they are pampered like royalty.

When they are well enough, they are taken on outings, like going to the pub for fish and chips or the bar for a good drink, and some may even get a ride in the police car!

Coylе organizes a birthday party with cake for each dog!
,,I don’t know when their birthday is, so we organize a birthday party for each of them.” she explains. All they want is to be loved and safe. I think it should have a happy ending.”

She spends about £500 ($680) on each dog, and although she used to cover all the funding, she now fundraises to continue her important work. Many of the dogs who come to Hospicе Granny Muzzlе Caninе receive real warmth and affection for the first time in their lives.

It’s a moving project and Coylе feels sorry for every puppy that comes into her home. So she takes time to grieve for her favorite dogs.

But the pain of separation is worth it, because Coylе knows that without her, the dogs wouldn’t have the love and comfort.

Instead of being abandoned and despairing in their final days, the dogs are showered with love, affection and delicious food as they should.

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