Kittens Wiggle Their Way for Hugs with Their Tiny Arms and So Happy to Be Cared for at Last

A Good Samaritan spotted two young kittens outside without a mother. She waited hours for the cat mom to return, but it was to no avail.

“She took in the babies and began bottle feeding them. She immediately noticed they were missing limbs and started reaching out for help,” Caroline Grace, founder of Baby Kitten Rescue, told Love Meow. “When I saw the message and the photos, I could not say no.”

The finder transported the feline siblings to the rescue located in Los Angeles, so the two could have a chance at a full life.

The kittens were in rough shape when they arrived. They were covered in fleas, and had an upper respiratory infection and severe GI issues.

“Bunny (the sister) is missing both of her front arms. Otter (the brother) is missing part of his right front arm and a few toes on the left front hand. Their condition is most likely a congenital malformation,” Caroline shared with Love Meow.

“Cats with only two legs can live totally normal, happy lives. Kittens quickly pick up how to walk on their back legs, like a little bunny.”

Caroline started them on medication, supplements and wound care. In just one day, their appetite increased and they started moving around in the nursery with their newfound energy.

“Otter feels protective of his sister, Bunny. He always wants to be close to her and will wrap his body around her to sleep.”

Bunny is smaller in size but shows an enormous will to live. As she got stronger, she turned into a little purr machine and constantly sought out kisses and affection from her foster mom.

“She has the loudest purr motor, and I can hardly believe such a big sound can come from a tiny body. She purrs after every feeding, loves to be held, and looks into your eyes when you talk and sing to her,” Caroline told Love Meow.

Despite missing her front paws, Bunny continues to enjoy biscuit-making (kneading) with her cute little nubs while she reaches to her foster mom for kisses.

It may take Bunny a little longer to figure out her gait and perfect her walk, but she is always in good spirits. She is already working on strengthening her leg muscles as she wiggles around her nest.

“Bunny loves to eat and will scramble her way over her brother to eat first, even though he’s twice her size. I have no doubt she will be zooming around on her two legs in no time,” Caroline shared with Love Meow.

The two siblings have made a full recovery through painstaking care and an abundance of love. In two weeks, they will be evaluated for physical therapy to improve their mobility.

“They are both starting to get playful and wrestle with each other. Otter is my chatty boy who responds when I talk to him, and lets me know what he wants. Bunny is my little roly-poly girl who loves belly rubs.”

Bunny and Otter are thriving and growing by leaps and bounds. They are so happy to have a foster family to dote on them every single day.

“They love to be held and kissed and give kisses back. And they both purr endlessly,” Caroline added.

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