Malese Jow Net Worth 2024, Earnings, Lifestyle, House, & Facts

Malese Jow Net Worth

Malese Jow is a famous actress and singer in America. The TV roles that earned Malese Jow a huge amount of net worth include Geena Fabiano and Lucy Stone on Nickelodeon sitcoms Big Time Rush and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

A recent role for her is Julia Yeung in Star-Crossed, a science fiction romantic drama on CW, making her richer and richer.

But what is her exact net worth? How much does she earn per annually? Let’s have a look at everything that contributed to increasing her net worth.

Net Worth$2 million
Monthly Earnings$40,000 to $100,000

Malese Jow Net Worth And Income 2024

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Malese Jow Net Worth And Income

Malese Jow has worked in the entertainment business for over twenty years and now has a net worth of more than $2 million as of 2024.

Malese Jow, 31, is not just an actress but possesses a lovely voice as well, and being a singer, singing songs on different occasions may help increase her net worth.

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Malese Jow Earnings And Salary

Malese Jow Earnings And Salary

Jow is a young actress who has made her fortune mostly from her acting career. Her songs are where she gets all of her assets. While others come from film shoots.

Jow, who has starred in six films so far as of 2017, is best known for her leading role as Dayna Tucker in Bratz: The Movie (2007), Aliens in the Attic (2009), You’re So Cupid (2010), The Social Network (2010), Plastic (2014), and Sisters of the Groom.

In addition, she will star in the forthcoming 2018 film I wrote this for you and the upcoming 2019 thriller Escape plan 3.

This American actress is also well-known in many of the world’s most famous television series.

Her work in the series The Vampire Diaries, Star-crossed, Big Time Rush, and Unfabulous has resulted in a significant amount of money for her to add to her overall net worth.

Her other source of income is her famous music videos, such as The In Crowd (2009), When You’re Around (2009), Famous (2010), Till I Forget you (2010), and Time Bomb (2011).

Despite her status in the entertainment business, she has never been reported as endorsing a product.

Her house, where she resides, and other brands connected to her are yet unknown.

Malese Jow earns approximately 40000 USD to 100000 USD per month.

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Malese Jow’s Current House And Cars Collection

Malese Jow Cars

Currently, Malese Jow lives in the United States, and her house is very beautiful with a lot of rooms.

Malese Jow has a car, but the correct car model is unknown.

Facts About Malese Jow

Facts About Malese Jow
  • She loves to meet with fans and hear them talk about how certain characters inspire them.

It’s great to see actors who enjoy talking to their fans. Many actors get overwhelmed and say they love talking to people but don’t show it.

With their jobs, they not only touch the lives of so many people in the world but also have to deal with some stress.

However, some actors are taking time out of their busy schedules to find out how other people in the world live.

  • She loves to travel.

Malese Jow is always craving new things and new experiences.

She has never been one to stay in one place for too long, as she is always looking to explore the world.

From traveling abroad to different countries or going on a hike, she likes to experience new things and see new places.

  • She once had a crush on Aladdin.

Disney has been an iconic staple in our culture for many years. You may have a crush on a Disney character at some point.

Malese Jow, the actress who voices Kairi in the Kingdom Hearts series, had a crush on Aladdin before she knew what it meant to have crushes.

  • Her career started in 1997.

Malese is an actress and model that has been around for a while now. She has built her career on various roles in film, television, and theater.

She started her career in 1997. Malee has been able to amass success with her resume, which she has done by working hard and not just because she’s that busy all the time.

  • She loves to sing

Malese is a songstress with the ability to sing in various styles. She has performed in musicals, operas, and shows and is also an accomplished voice actress.

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