Malnourished and neglected puppies rescued just in time.

Mostly Mutts Animal Rescue in Kennesaw, Georgia, gives sick, neglected, and injured dogs the second chance they deserve.

They work closely with animal control officers to save forgotten dogs and give them the care and love they need.

They recently rescued five severely neglected and malnourished dogs from animal control. The litter of puppies arrived without hair and covered in scabs due to mange.

They had secondary skin infections, were underweight, and some could barely walk due to inflamed paws.

The staff named the puppies after shades of pink. The four females are Rose, Rouge, Magenta, and Fuschia. The only male was named Berry.

After offering them some food, water, and a lot of snuggles, they found loving foster homes for all.

The puppies are being showered with love and kindness for the first times in their lives.

Whitney Horne stepped up to foster Rose and Rouge and has been sharing their progress on Instagram. “While Rose was improving everyday with the prescribed meds and regimen, Rouge was actually declining,” she wrote.

Rouge would eat and take her medications but she continued to lose weight. The sisters were seen cuddling together and Horne noticed Rose was supporting her frail sister’s head.

“OMG, the girls are pretty puny, but my heart just melted spotting Rose holding her weaker sister’s head like this, I can’t even,” she posted on Instagram.

Rouge continued to decline so Horne rushed her to the emergency vet who discovered she was in kidney failure.

Thanks to everyone’s quick actions she is slowly starting to recover.

“Thankfully, she had a great first foster, Whitney Horne, who quickly recognized the signs of distress,” stated the rescue.

Rouge’s new foster mom, Jennifer Travis, is a vet tech at Kennesaw Mountain Veterinary Services.

Travis provides round-the-clock care and takes the pup home every night.

Rouge is enjoying her medicated baths and all the attention.

The most recent update stated that she is improving but “not out of the woods”, yet. Horne posted, “Her bloodwork is improving slightly,

but not perfect so she’s continuing to get around the clock care 💜 She has started gaining weight instead of losing it so that’s huge!”

The other pups are doing well and some have even started to sprout “peach fuzz”.

They are all on the road to recovery thanks to the kind staff, loving foster homes, and generous supporters.

“Thanks to your generosity, we could act quickly without thought to the cost of medical care for these very sad puppies,” wrote the shelter.

They ask that you keep all the puppies in your thoughts and prayers as they continue to recover.

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