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NoahJ456 Wiki

Noahj456 is a famous YouTube gamer, mostly popular for his gaming videos and streams.

He is a hardworking person who has dedicated over a decade of his life to this career and earned his place today. Let’s overview Noahj456 wiki and life.

Noahj456 Wiki And Biography

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Real NameNoah Johnson
Nick Name/Additional NameNoahJ456
ProfessionYouTuber, Streamer, Gaming Content Creator, & Pro Battle Player
Birth Date17-10-1994
Birth PlaceTexas, USA
Zodiac Sign/StarLibra
Height6 feet 4 inches (1.9 meters)
Weight64 kg (141 lbs)
Hair ColorDark Brown
Eye ColorLight Brown
Body MeasurementsUnder Review
Skin TypeFair
Body Type/Sexual OrientationStraight
Marital StatusMarried
Social Media PresenceInstagram, Twitter, YouTube, Tiktok, Twitch, Facebook

NoahJ456 Early Life And Education

Noahj456 was born on October 17th, 1994. He is 27 years old currently and is still running his YouTube channels successfully.

Noahj456 Bio

Noah joined YouTube on February 10th 2010 but didn’t post his first video till May 22nd, 2011. His first video was; Call of Duty Lobby Rap Freestyle.

So far as his education is concerned, NoahJ456 hasn’t shared any information with the public yet.

However, he seems well-groomed and educated as well. We will surely update you once he reveals anything about his education.

Noahj456 YouTube And Gaming Career

Noah has a gaming channel named Noahj456 which features everything that a gaming fan would ask for.

You can find memes, tutorial videos, gameplays, as well as live streams on his channel too.

With over 5 million subscribers he has almost 7 billion views and he is doing well on his YouTube channel.

However, he has two more tracks; NoahJAFK also features gaming videos and stuff similar to his first channel, boosting the Noahj456 net worth.

The second channel also has hundreds and thousands of subscribers. His third channel is called More Noah.

This channel mainly features the unboxing of pokemon cards and also has a decent fanbase.

The Firebox Meme

The firebox meme originated from Noah’s channel. He often made tutorial videos on many missions of games upon request from his fans.

However, when his fans asked for the fire bow tutorial, he decided to do something fun.

He had already explained on a stream that some of the steps required one to have perfect timing, and hence it was hard to make a tutorial. But the fans were persistent.

Noah then started to troll his fans by mentioning the tutorial in various streams.

He has also uploaded many clickbait videos, which were supposed to be the fire bow tutorial but had nothing inside except a series of memes.

Noah still trolls his fans on many occasions, and no one knows if he will stop.

NoahJ456 Facts & Trivia

Noah’s house was struck by lightning in 201, due to which he had to temporarily move to his in-law’s house. However, he shifted back in 2019.

Noah is a tall man with a height of almost 6 feet and 4 inches.

Noah also has a Twitch account where he plays games similar to those on YouTube.

FAQs Regarding NoahJ456 Wiki

Q. Does Noahj456 have merch?

Yes, Noah runs his own merch by the name of Noahj456shop.

Q. Is Noahj456 still in 100T?

Noah became a member of the 100 Thieves gaming organization and is still a member of it.

Q. What does Noahj456 stream on?

Noah streams on his YouTube channels, Noahj456 and NoahJFAk. Moreover, he also streams on his Twitch channel.

Q. What happened to Noahj456?

Noah released a farewell video where he announced that he would quit YouTube just after he gained 5 million subscribers. However, he later reversed his decision and decided to stay on the platform.

Q. Has Noahj456 quit?

Noah announced to quit his gaming career but not so long had passed that he decided to reverse his decision.

Q. What does Noahj456 have a degree in?

Noah was first pursuing a degree in electrical engineering. But in October 2014, he realized that electrical engineering wasn’t for him, so he switched his major to economics.

Q. How did Noahj456 get famous?

Noah joined YouTube on February 10th 2010. He posted his first video on May 22nd, 2011. He remained consistent and continuously uploaded his videos in the gaming niche and slowly started to gain an audience.

Q. How is Noahj456 playing cold war?

Noah mentioned that COD Black Ops Cold War was an exciting challenge for him, and he has enjoyed it a lot.

Q. How old is Noahj456?

Born in the year 1994, Noah is 27 years old as of 2022.

Q. How tall is Noahj456?

Noah is a tall person with a height of 6’4.

Q. What is Noahj456’s real name?

Noah is his real name. However, his last name hasn’t been revealed yet. But we will surely keep you posted if we find something on it.

Q. Where does Noahj456 live?

He was born in the state of Texas. Although his current address is not accurately known, it is guessed that he still lives in Texas.

Q. Where did Noahj456 go to college?

Noah switched his majors from electrical engineering to economics in 2014. But his college name hasn’t been revealed yet. We’ll make sure to update you as soon as we find out.

Q. Who does Noahj456 play with?

Noah usually plays solo, but he invites other gamers to come and play on his streams once in a while.

Q. Who is Noahj456?

Noah is a famous American Gamer who posts gaming videos and streams on his YouTube and TWITCH accounts.

Q. Why does Noahj456 hate tombstones?

Noah and tombstone were playing on a stream once where tombstone ended the stream unnoticed and early, which pissed Noah off.

Q. Why did Noahj456 get banned?

It has been reported that Noah faced some problems while playing COD which led to him being banned from posting videos. However, this issue was solved in a COD summit.

Q. Why is Noahj456 a snake?

Noah was called a snake by a few YouTubers some time ago. They accused him of posting clickbait videos and calling him a sell-out. However, in reality, the clickbait videos were merely a prank by him with his subscribers.

Q. Why does Noahj456 say pog?

Noah often uses the slang pog. When asked about what it means, he said that whenever he saw something crazy/cool or someone did something like that, he says pog.

Q. When did Noahj456 join 100 thieves?

Noah joined the 100 thieves gaming organization in the year 2018.

Q. When does Noahj456 upload?

Noah regularly uploads to his YouTube and TWITCH channels.

This article was last updated in June, 2024.
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