Parth Samthaan Wife | An Insight To The Star’s Marital Life

Parth Samthaan Wife

Parth Samthaan has been linked throughout his career to many actors. His fans are always seen asking if he has a wife.

Here’s a look at the actor’s personal life. He’s had more than one rumored girlfriend in the entertainment industry, but which ones are true? The answer might surprise you…

Parth Samthaan Wife, Girlfriends, And Relationships

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Surprisingly, the handsome hunk is not married yet. He wasn’t even engaged before! His relationship status remains single as of 2024, but he wants to be in a relationship due to the ongoing Covid situation.

In fact, he has been in a few relationships during his acting career. Aren’t you excited to know about his girlfriends? Let’s go through his dating life facts in the article below.

Parth Samthaan Girlfriend

Disha Patani

Parth Samthaan And Disha Patani

The rumor mill is in full swing, with new wild speculation about Bollywood diva Disha Patani. It was recently reported that she’s now dating Tiger Shroff – but do you know the actress’ history?

Back when they were just friends and working on Kasautii Zindagii Kay 2 together (2014), it seems like there might have been some love between them… except for one pesky detail: Parth reportedly cheated on her! So what could’ve possibly caused such an impossible break up?!

The report by SpotboyE suggests their relationship ended after he admitted to being “completely inappropriate” while interacting online through social media platforms, including Facebook Messenger chat rooms, while messaging other women at will without giving any thought as if he was messaging Disha.

This, understandably, caused a lot of trust issues between the two which eventually led to the break-up. Parth has always been quite active on social media – but this could be one reason why he’s kept a low profile over the past few months.

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Ariah Agarwal

Parth Samthaan and Ariah Agarwal

Ariah Agarwal and Parth made headlines last year after Ariah posted a series of pictures with the latter on her Instagram account.

The duo looks quite adorable as they pose for the camera, but soon people started speculating that something might be cooking between them because so many cute moments were captured in just one day!

When asked about this during an interview at SpotboyE, Ariah cleared things up by stating: “We’re only friends!”

Niti Taylor

Parth Samthaan and Niti Taylor

Not only did the chemistry of Niti Taylor and Parth Samthaan captivate audiences on-screen in their hit show, but they also gained a separate fan base.

Rumors about them dating started when Manik fans saw them as lovers. Still, there is an unbreakable bond between friends that can be seen through social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook, where both stars post pictures together, all too often!

When asked during one interview whether she would ever get engaged again after her wedding last year, which ended sadly under unfortunate circumstances (her husband passed away), The actress responded candidly, saying “maybe.”

Erica Fernandes

Parth Samthaan and Erica Fernandes

It is rumored that the lead actors of Kasautii Zindagii Kay 2 are dating each other. Reports have them leaving together, going on vacations, and making headlines many times before they finally confirmed it in an interview with DNA where Erica said she’s known Parth since they began working together but denied any romantic relationship between them, saying “rumors are just a part of the entertainment industry.”

She also added their good friends, sharing what makes this pairing work so well for fans around India was how often both stars walked away from interviews smiling or laughing after denying anything serious had happened at all – something not seen very much these days!

Scarlett M Rose

Parth Samthaan and Scarlett M Rose

The rumors of Samthaan dating the Splitsvilla 7 winner, Scarlett rose, gained momentum when she was seen dropping sweet captions on his post online.

One such post includes a picture credit given to her from Parth, who also shared that they had been together for two months now!

FAQs Regarding Parth Samthaan Wife And Girlfriend

Q. Is Parth samthaan married?

No. Parth is currently single.

Q. Are Parth Samthaan and Rowhi dating?

There has been no confirmation of this rumor yet.

Q. Is Parth Samthaan dating erica?

The two are friends but not dating.

Q. Who is Parth Samthaan’s girlfriend?

He is currently single and not dating anyone.

This article was last updated in April, 2024.
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