Poor Abandoned Puppy With A Swollen Belly Got So Big That He Couldn’t Breath

In the frigid morning of January 15 2023, little helpless puppy was left abandoned in front of our Animal Shelter. The puppy’s tummy was so swollen that it appeared like a toad and we knew we needed to act swiftly to help him.

Vet swiftly inspect the puppy and diagnosed him with ascitis. A condition that causes the stomach to inflate owing to an accumulation of fluid.

Ascitus can be caused by numerous things. We knew that we needed to do blood tests to discover the underlying cause of the puppy’s condition.

“We knew that the fluid created in his abdomen may cause major complications. We were concerned that he might not pull through.”

With round-the-clock care and attention from a devoted team, the puppy eventually began to improve. Over time the puppy’s belly began to shrink and virtually all of the fluid was removed from his abdomen.

He started to grow more energetic and playful and we were Overjoyed to see him taking an interest in the world around him.

Despite the obstacles the puppy encountered he never lost his playful and lovable attitude. He enjoyed to snuggle with our team members and was always eager to play with his toys.

As the days grew into weeks the puppies help continue to improve we work closely with Pierre to monitor his progress and offer the care he needed to fully recover.


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