Privacy Policy

CelebrityVila pays proper attention to your privacy. The policies of the website outline the procedures through which we gather information about the users, our cookie policy, and other services. Our privacy policy discloses our principles regarding privacy laws and practices and regulations of various privacy acts.

Processing Personal Data

The (website) is a user-friendly platform for fans who want to know about their glamorous celebrities and favorite stars in detail. The platform is quite simple to use, and we do not track or use any software to violate the user’s privacy.

The information is automatically received from the mobile device and web browser of the users. This information generally consists of the browser’s name from which you have entered our website, time on which you have entered, IP address, proxy server, type of the browser, mobile device, name of the internet service provider, and computer operating system.

The primary purpose of acquiring this information is to analyze the trends and notable aspects of the stars’ and celebrities’ lives. However, (website) does not acquire or hold any personal information. Nevertheless, third-party websites and advertisers might collect information from visitors. For more, you could read our disclaimer.

Disclosure of Information

The (website) uses the most authentic, reliable, latest, and trending information about various celebrities, athletes, models, social media influencers, vocalists, and entrepreneurs.

The objective of sharing such information is only entertainment and general information. The (website) does not offer or sell any of its user’s information for any marketing purposes.


As you agree to our policies, you accept our cookies, in which we collect and analyze the user’s preferences to provide the best experience.


To advertise or display products and services, (website) permits third parties to enjoy the platform in the capacity of advertisers. For example, the ads on our website could be based upon the data that you frequently search. For any deal between customers and third parties, we will not be responsible.

External Links

The (website) contains links of advertisers that could lead the users to other sites. To know more about Third-Party privacy policies and other services, read our disclaimer.

What Rights Do You Have Over Your Data?

The website is bound to respect the privacy of the users. If you have shared any information on the website, you have rights over your data. If you want your information to be removed from our platform (website), then, anytime, you can contact us. Our support will entertain you as early as possible.

Use of Personal Information

Besides the third-party policy and Google AdSense, none of your credentials is shared with anyone from the website. However, purchasing or selling any goods is strictly prohibited on the website’s platform as the website circles the biofacts of the celebrities.

What Happens to My Data?

The data or credentials you share or the cookies you accept when landing on our website improve your user experience. We (website) make sure to protect your personal information (if any) and take recommended steps over your requests. If you want us to remove your personal information, feel free to notify us.


We know that your information is vital, and to protect it, we make sure to use every plugin that is compliant with the website’s privacy policy.