Priyanka is under fire for supporting Iran while remaining silent about Muslim women in India.


Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra has once again found herself in hot water after supporting Iranian women protesting for their rights. Chopra’s deafening silence about the ongoing atrocities in India has upset many. 

Citadel actor took to Instagram over the weekend: “For Mahsa Amini, whose young life was taken so brutally by the Iranian Morality Police for wearing her hijab ‘improperly’, women in Iran and around the world are standing up, cutting their hair, and protesting in many other ways,” Chopra wrote. 

The voices that speak after ages of forced silence, will rightfully burst like a volcano! They will not and must not be stifled. I admire your courage and your purpose. It is not easy to challenge the patriarchal establishment and fight for your rights, literally. However, you are courageous women who do this every day, regardless of the cost.” 

We must hear their call, understand the issues, and then join in with our collective voices to ensure that this movement has a lasting impact.” said Priyanka. Everyone who can influence others must also join. It’s all about the numbers. Be a part of this important movement by adding your voice. Be informed and vocal, so that these voices will no longer be silenced. You have my support. There is no freedom without the women, the life, the freedom.”

Twitter calls out Chopra

In response to Chopra’s post. One commenter said, “Priyanka Chopra knows how to make money off people’s misery.” When a Dalit woman was raped, burned and beat by family members, she was not so vocal about supporting women in Iran as a world-concerned activist. Whites love her because she knows how to win their hearts.”

“Priyanka Chopra poses with Narendra Modi and invites him to her wedding reception despite the BJP government’s brutal crackdown on Hijab in India, yet supports anti-Hijab protests in Iran.”

“Indian celebrities who speak about Iran will look the other way through this fascism and apartheid in their own country.”. A lawmaker in the Indian government is calling for a boycott of Muslims. Is Priyanka Chopra willing to stand for Muslims in India?”

“Priyanka Chopra like many liberals wouldn’t dare speak on Hindutva and their oppression of Muslim women but will give support to women in Iran. Don’t take it as hypocrisy, it’s condoning the atrocities against Muslim women.”

“Has anyone heard Priyanka Chopra speak out on any pressing Indian issues?”, “Priyanka Chopra wants to stand up to Iranian women (rightly so), but not to French women who are also denied the right to wear a hijab as their bodily autonomy.” In her own country, Kashmiris are being brutally tortured, raped and murdered.

Chopra and the French actors called out on Twitter for remaining silent about the injustice women face in theirowncountries. ” If the likes of Priyanka Chopra can post on Instagram and Juliette Binoche can crop off her split ends in solidarity with women in Iran but are silent on the way Muslim women are treated in their home countries.”

Mahsa Amini’s death

Despite security labor force using murderous force, the women- led demurrers have continued for 21 successive nights, according to online vids vindicated by AFP. In a widening crackdown, Iran has blocked access to social media, including Instagram and WhatsApp, and launched a crusade of mass apprehensions.

Protesters have sought ways to avoid discovery, with faeries hiding or blurring their faces while crying” Death to the tyrannizer” and defacing images of Iran’s supreme . Other footage has shown people chanting the kick catchcry” Woman, Life, Freedom!” from their apartment windows under the cover of night.

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