Vick Expectation learned Spanish for a man she met on vacation


Vick Trust “became hopelessly enamored with” a man who continued to bring her stones from the ocean.

The 33-year-old radio moderator – who is locked in to whiz DJ Calvin Harris – reviewed that she had been on an ocean side in South Africa when she met a man called Pedro yet couldn’t preserve with him since she didn’t communicate in Spanish and at last went to night school to concentrate on the language.

She said: “I was on an ocean side in Nicaragua [South America] and this person called Pedro continued to bring me stones from the ocean, and I fell head over heels! I was unable to converse with him since I talked no Spanish at that point, and that was the second that I made my purpose that I planned to learn Spanish, and from that point I did. I crusaded at my school to get Spanish as a subject which ultimately occurred, yet after I left. So I went to night classes, got my A Level in it.”

The BBC Radio 1 star proceeded to add that she generally had Pedro “at the rear of her brain” when she proceeded to concentrate on both French and Spanish at college and expectations that he is “still out there” giving stones to different ladies.

Talking on the ‘Drive around’ webcast, she told has Jools Holland and Jim Moir: “All with Pedro at the rear of my psyche! I went to uni to concentrate on French Spanish… I’ve not seen Pedro since yet I in all actuality do communicate in Spanish at this point! I figure he’s actually something else giving stones to different young ladies most likely. “

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