Cameron Diaz Net Worth 2024 | Her Earnings, Assets, & Salary

Cameron Diaz Net Worth

Cameron Diaz is a retired actress and model who started her career as a fashion model at 16. Diaz is also an author, producer, entrepreneur, and star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Furthermore, Cameron Diaz net worth is estimated at $140 million, making her one of the richest Hollywood actresses. She was born to her parents in San Diego, California, and grew up in Long Beach.

Net Worth$140 million

Let us look at what Cameron Diaz has achieved throughout her acting and modeling career and what she is up to now.

What Is Cameron Diaz’s Net Worth 2024?

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During the peak years, Diaz earned more than $160 million. For a starring role, the minimum amount she was paid is $10 million, and this number goes up to $20 million for some films.

In 1998, For There’s Something About Mary, Cameron Diaz salary was $2 million. As of 2024, her net worth is $140 million.

Cameron Diaz Salary The Mask

Diaz made her film debut in The Mask (1994) with Jim Carrey. The Mask did pretty well, and Diaz was a sight for sore eyes in it. Furthermore, The Mask remained in the top ten highest-grossing films of the year, and Diaz got the push her career needed.

The Mask grossed over $350 million, and Diaz got paid less than $500,000.

Cameron Diaz Salary Charlie’s Angels

Another famous film series called Charlie’s Angels starred Cameron Diaz in the first two parts. She earned $12 million from the first part of Charlie’s Angels (2000).

Furthermore, in the sequel, Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle (2003), Diaz did pretty well for herself and earned $20 million.

Later, Cameron Diaz went on to star in several films, such as My Best Friend’s Wedding (1997), Shrek (2001), Shrek 2 (2004), The Holiday (2006), Knight and Day (2010), and Bad Teacher (2011).

Cameron Diaz Salary for Bad Teacher

Bad Teacher turned out to be another one of her career’s hits, and she earned a total of $42 million while the movie grossed over $210 million.

Cameron Diaz Shrek’s earnings are $3 million (Shrek) and $10 million (Shrek 2).
In 2014, the actress announced her retirement from acting, and so far, she hasn’t made a comeback.

Cameron Diaz’s career earnings from her films alone are estimated to be more than $250 million.

In 2015, Diaz’s films grossed over $7 billion worldwide, making her the third highest-grossing actress.

Diaz is also an entrepreneur who co-founded The Body Shop’s makeup line with L’Oréal in 1994.

She has authored two books: The Body Book: The Law of Hunger, the Science of Strength, and Other Ways to Love Your Amazing Body (2014) and The Longevity Book: The Science of Aging, the Biology of Strength, and the Promise of Health at Every Age (2017).

In 1999, Diaz was named the highest-paid actress in Hollywood. In 2013, she began appearing as a co-host on The View.

As a precursor to her retirement from acting, Diaz launched a fashion line in 2016 with her fashion friend Sophie Amoruso called CAMERON DIAZ by Sophie Amoruso. The collection consists of 1971 denim styles created for women with curves and all sizes.

Diaz was ranked as the highest-paid actress over 40 in Hollywood and among the top ten highest-paid actresses in 2012. Cameron Diaz net worth in 2024 is estimated to be $140 million.

Cameron Diaz House

Recently, after their first child’s arrival, a daughter Raddix Madden in 2019, Diaz and her husband bought a massive mansion in Beverly Hills.

Cameron Diaz’s house Beverly Hills is a lavish mansion with seven bedrooms and ten bathrooms worth $14.7 million. The new parents seem to enjoy their farmhouse-like mansion with their little one.

Other than the Beverly Hills mansion, Cameron Diaz has also been the owner of a few other places around the country.

Diaz and her husband bought a house worth $2.17 million in LA. The four-bedroom and four-bathroom house have a beautiful interior and an all-white exterior.

Diaz also owned an apartment in Manhattan, New York, worth $4.25 million. The luxury apartment had two bedrooms and two bathrooms decorated beautifully with metallic details.

Cameron Diaz house in The Holiday (2006) is still the topic of the fan’s discussion. The mansion is located in San Marino and is worth$11.8 million.

Cameron Diaz Cars

  • Toyota Prius

Diaz was one of the first American celebrities to purchase a Prius when Toyota launched it in the U.S.

This hybrid car is a favorite of many famous people, including Cameron Diaz. Prius offers reliability and is also fuel-efficient. Diaz has been rocking this ride since 2014.

  • Tesla Model S

The Tesla Model S is an electric vehicle run by a three-phase AC induction motor and a lithium-ion battery. This car is environmentally-friendly and therefore the reason most people invest in it.

  • Maserati Quattroporte

Another exotic car that Diaz owns is a Maserati Quattroporte S 4.7. She’s often seen running errands in this black Maserati.

  • Mercedes S class

Cameron Diaz is also a proud honor of Mercedes-Benz SLK, and she has been seriously obsessed with this ride, among others.

  • BMW Z4 Coupe

Diaz was photographed driving in her BMW Hydrogen 7 to the Academy Awards, and people couldn’t stop talking about it.

She flaunted this BMW beauty while making a pro-environmental statement on the red carpet. Cameron is known for driving environmentally friendly cars and emphasizing the “go green” message.

Cameron Diaz’s Husband Net Worth

Cameron’s husband Benji Madden’s estimated net worth is $40 million, and he is a successful music producer and lead guitarist.

Benji Madden along with his twin brother Joel Madden founded a band named Good Charlotte. He is also a backup vocalist for his band Good Charlotte.

FAQs Regarding Cameron Diaz Net Worth

Q. What does Cameron Diaz do for money?

Besides being a hell of an actress and a model, Cameron Diaz is also an entrepreneur and author. She has written a few of the books regarding human health and body positivity. Furthermore, the actress has also invested in a few startups related to biotech and health.

Q. Why is Cameron Diaz no longer making movies?

After doing her last film, Cameron Diaz retired from the film industry, a remake of Annie (2014). She stated that she became tired of acting and wanted to manage her life better. Moreover, she also mentioned that she felt disconnected from several parts of her life. In Hart to Heart with Kevin Hart, Diaz said that after hitting 40, there were so many parts of life that “I wasn’t touching and I wasn’t managing.” Diaz admitted that since retirement, she has begun feeling ‘whole.’

Q. How does Cameron Diaz make money?

After quitting the film industry, Diaz hasn’t been idle. Cameron Diaz’s income source was the books she wrote, and she also invested in a few startups. Other than that, her acting career had been pretty rewarding, and she managed to earn more than $40 million from Bad Teacher alone.

Q. Does Cameron Diaz have a real job?

Cameron Diaz started her acting career at a very young age, and apart from that, she also pursued her career in modeling. The actress is also a successful author of two books about body issues, growth, confidence, etc.

Moreover, Diaz also co-founded a wine venture, ‘Avaline’ with Katherine Power, and their business is all about transparency of wine ingredients.

Q. What is Cameron Diaz 2022 worth?

As of 2022, Cameron Diaz’s estimated net worth is $140 million.

Q. How did Cameron Diaz get so rich?

Cameron’s acting career has been incredibly fortunate for her. With a net worth of $140 million, the actress is also a successful model, producer, author, and entrepreneur. Most of her wealth is credited to her notable acting career.

Q. How much did Cameron Diaz make on Bad Teacher?

Diaz’s blockbuster comedy movie Bad Teacher is one of her highest-paying movies. Initially, Diaz received a salary of $1 million, but her film contract ensured that she would earn a percentage from the film’s profits. Hence, the actress walked away with a whopping amount of $42 million after the film earned over $216 million worldwide.

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