Justin Bieber goes to church with mate Hailey’s ex Shawn Mendes

Justin Bieber demonstrated that he has no worries toward his significant other’s ex Shawn Mendes. They went to faith gathering and, surprisingly, jumped in a similar vehicle together. The 28-year-old Reason hitmaker was seen leaving Wednesday. Night love with a somewhat astonishing face in individual Canadian pop vocalist Shawn, 24. The two stars jumped in…

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Israeli President says he is ‘incredibly satisfied’ with Kanye West aftermath after anti-Jewish comments

Israeli President Isaac Herzog on Wednesday said he is “incredibly satisfied”.The “mind-boggling response” to late prejudiced remarks from rapper and style planner Ye. “We’re all concerned by antisemitism all over the world. It’s antisemitism, it’s racist, it’s racism, xenophobia – these are the challenges of the era, but history teaches us. Usually it starts with…

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