Lord Aleem Net Worth 2024, Lifestyle, Bugatti, And House

Aleem Saleem, owner of the renowned YouTube channel; Lord Aleem, is a world-famous YouTuber known for his addiction to luxury and sports cars.

Having a plethora of 444 thousand subscribers on YouTube, he is popular among the car geeks. Lord Aleem net worth is estimated to be around $1 Million – $4 Million.

Real NameAleem Iqbal
Nick NameLord Aleem
Net Worth$1 Million – $4 Million
ProfessionYouTuber, Entrepreneur
Date Of Birth06-09-1994
Place Of BirthLondon, United Kingdom
Zodiac SignVirgo
Body TypeSmart
WeightNot Available
HeightNot Available
Body MeasurementsNot Available
Body ComplexionFair
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBlack
Social MediaYouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
Email Address[email protected]

Apart from owning a YouTube channel, he is also a business tycoon and an Instagram influencer (680K+ followers).

A lot of people search here and there to know more about his net worth and lavish lifestyle. Here is everything you need to know!

How Much Is Lord Aleem Net Worth And Earning In 2024?

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If you ever wondered about the net worth as well as his well-off background, then, believe me, you are not only the one doing that. So, here is what you are looking for;

In 2024, Lord Aleem net worth is approximately $1 Million and $4 Million.

That is just an estimation of net worth. Some people think it’s more than this due to some other source of income as well.

What Made Aleem Lord So Rich?

Being a Youtuber and a business tycoon altogether earns you a lot.

It will not be wrong if I said that Youtubers earns a lot through the paid sponsorship and YouTube ads, and Lord Aleem is no exception.

lord aleem car

Not only that, but he is also the founder of the luxury timepiece brand page and cofounder of the car rental company.

Still, wondering about how he got a luxurious lifestyle? Well, you should not be.

Lord Aleem Biography

Lord Aleem was born in a substantial town named Solihull, England 1994. After some time, his family moved to Birmingham due to Lord Aleem’s dad massive car rental business.

This 26-year-old boy has his ethnicity and roots in Pakistan, as Lord Aleem dad moved to England for the better future of his family and got settled here.

Lord Aleem Education

He got his early education in Birmingham. But for higher studies, he said goodbye to Birmingham and moved to London.

Here he studied Tv, Digital media, and Movie for four years in some university there. Here he lived in a high-class apartment having a mighty garage for all his luxury cars.

He has said that that he had not imagined himself pursuing his bachelor’s in such subjects.

Lord Aleem Career

Lord Aleem earns not only through his glorious YouTube but also through entrepreneurship and Instagram influencing.

He might have got many luxuries but, his life has got so many other problems as well.

  • In 2008: He created his first-ever channel on YouTube. But, maybe because of his age and inexperience, he could not continue it further.
  • In 2012: He again created an account and, this time had posted videos of his Fathers luxury cars and him driving them.
lord aleem bugatti
  • In 2014: Three of his cars got burned by some troublemakers. It started with a Lamborghini and, after a week, three more were burned to ashes by them.
  • In 2015: He got his Ferrari crashed after facing an accident near the well. He did not get injured much.
  • In 2016: This year he got moved to London for his higher studies at the Regent University. Here he bought a luxury apartment with a vast garage for his cars.
  • In 2017: He got banned from driving for twelve months as he was caught over-speeding in Warwickshire. This punishment was rigid for him as he loves to steer and roam around in his cars.
  • In 2018: He posted a video of his hometown, Pakistan. Here he stayed for few days and visited the northern areas of this country.
  • In 2019: He created another playlist named, Vlogs 2.0 where he posted about what he is up to and his luxurious life.
  • In 2020: He had launched a luxury timepiece brand page on Instagram where, he shows his love for wristwatches.
  • In 2021: He showed another chapter of his life to his fans. This playlist is lord Aleem weekly, which gives more insight into his business and lifestyle.
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Lord Aleem Lifestyle

Being born with a silver spoon, he never had faced any financial problems. From his childhood till now, he has got the best in everything.

Apart from such a strong background, he has worked very hard to make his identity on a global platform and to be able to bear his expenses.

His millionaire lifestyle has inspired so many to get a luxury car and bang on Instagram.

Lord Aleem Vlogs

Talking about vlogs, Aleem is no less than a professional vlogger. His vlogs are very versatile, covering many topics.

His most favorite topic for vlogging is sharing his love for cars and him driving them.

He also posts about his homeland, Pakistan, from time to time. He had posted videos about many cities of Pakistan and also about the northern areas of Pakistan.

Recently, he launched a series named Lord Aleem Weekly, where he has been posting about his weekly routines and life.

Lord Aleem Cars

Well, lord Aleem being a fanatic of cars, owns many of the expensive cars in the world. His craze for luxury and sports cars is infinite. To name a few ones he owns;

lord aleem blue bugatti
  • MERCEDES-AMG G63 – He owns this car in red color, which is also available for rent through their business website.
  • LAMBORGHINI URUS – URUS is undoubtedly his most dominant car as he also completed his 10K miles in this.
  • LAMBORGHINI AVENTADOR – Another Lamborghini in his possession, Aventador, is one of the best sports cars recently. He uses this car in his daily routine.
  • LAMBORGHINI HURACAN – This one is slightly different from others as it does not have that customized number pates like every car. Plus, this car is also available on his fathers’ website.

Facts About Lord Aleem

Here are some of the facts about the car geek, Lord Aleem, that you might had not heard before.

  • His Full name is Aleem Saleem Iqbal.
  • He was born on 6th September 1994 (26 years).
  • Lord Aleem’s height is six feet and three inches which is equal to 1.90 meters.
  • His father is from Pakistan.
  • By occupation, he is an Instagram influencer, Youtuber, vlogger, and a Businessman.
  • He also does charity work a well and donates a large amount of charity.
  • His father owns a luxury car rental business.
  • He created his first-ever YouTube Channel at the age of 18.

Frequently Asked Questions About Lord Aleem

Q. Does Lord Aleem also has Chiron Bugatti?

It hasn’t been confirmed yet whether Lord Aleem owns a Bugatti or not. But there’s one in his video, having the same number plate as his other cars.

Q. Is Lord Aleem owner of PET?

Lord Aleem is not the founder of Platinum Executive Travels. His father is the founder and, he is the Co-founder.

Q. What is Lord Aleem’s nationality?

Although Lord Aleem is Pakistani by ethnicity and, he is British by nationality.

Q. How does lord Aleem makes his living?

Being a YouTuber and an entrepreneur; It is not difficult for him to make a living.

Q. Is Lord Aleem married?

No, he is not married yet. But it could happen anytime soon since he hinted about his marriage on Twitter.

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