Matt Carriker Wife, Girlfriend, Kids, Parents, Family, And Siblings

Matt Carriker Wife

Matt Carriker wife, Meredith Atkinson is a famous Instagram influencer and social media personality.

She got married to Matt back in 2008, soon after getting engaged to her.

His relationship with his wife is blossoming day by day as they live a thrilling life together. They both are blessed with three children in 13 years of togetherness.

Meredith Atkinson is also a famous personality on the social site; however, less popular than her husband.

Currently, she is an entrepreneur, blogger, homemaker, and mother of three children. Moreover, she is a civil engineering graduate.

Meredith Atkinson has made highlights on the social platform after getting featured on his husband’s YouTube channel and Instagram account.

You might know little about Meredith Atkinson as Matt Carriker’s wife or an influencer. Either way, you are in the right place to discover more about her.

Who Is Matt Carriker Wife? – Meredith Atkinson

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Matt Carriker married his high school sweetheart back in 2008; nevertheless, the couple is living a blissful life together.

Meredith Atkinson is an Instagram blogger and fashion influencer having many followers on the photo-sharing app.

Her main topic of concern is fashion, fitness, health, and family. Apart from this, she has also turned into an entrepreneur by introducing her very own clothing brand.

Don’t miss out to read the Matt Carriker biography.

Meredith Atkinson Early Life And Education

Matt Carriker’s wife, Meredith Atkinson, was born on June 6, 1986, in Boerne, Texas. She spent her time there until she met her first love.

For her early education, she took admission to school and then high school in the city.

After getting her high school degree, she continued to study further and got enrolled in a university.

She then pursued her bachelor’s in Civil Engineering from Texas A&S University. Meredith also competed in two marathons and completed them successfully.

How Matt Carriker Met Meredith Atkinson?

Matt Carriker and Meredith Atkinson

Matt Carriker met Meredith Atkinson many years ago when they both were young.

This beautiful couple fell in love back in high school, and the affection is increasing day by day.

They both got engaged in 2007, and a few months after that, they both walked down the aisle in 2008.

Not only that, but Meredith Atkinson also financially assisted Matt in completing his medicine in veterinary. All of her efforts helped them make their bond stronger day by day.

Matt Carriker And Meredith Atkinson Children

Matt Carriker and Meredith Atkinson got blessed with three children in more than a decade.

The two of them are currently guardians of three kids; two little girls and a boy. Now, all of them are living in their hometown, the bustling city of Boerne, Texas.

Matt Carriker Children

Their elder daughter is Adalyn Carriker, followed by Annie Carriker as the younger daughter. They both have only one son named Abby Carriker.

All of Meredith Atkinson’s children are young and currently studying in school.

Matt Carriker Wife Net Worth And Earnings

After graduating from engineering college, she did the job for quite some time to subsidize her husband in the veterinarian’s degree.

After that, she spends quite a little time at home, and now she has become the CEO of her very own clothing brand. Her net worth is not public yet.

She has also earned a lot of money from Instagram sponsorships and paid promotions on the app. Like the net worth of Matt Carriker, his wife Meredith Atkinson’s net worth has also got a boost through the Internet.

In 2019, Meredith launched her clothing brand, The Linc Boutique, where she deals in affordable and comfy wear.

Along with that, Matt Carriker Wife Clothing line has also launched activewear for women and girls.

Matt Carriker Wife – Height, Weight, Age, And Body Measurements

Born in 1986 makes Meredith Atkinson 35 years old by now.

As Meredith is getting old, she is more productive and fit than any other time in recent memory.

More depth into her weight has been kept away from the public eye.

Matt Carriker’s wife has a birth sign of Gemini, and the information about her body measurements is not available to the public.

Is Meredith Atkinson Active On Social Media?

Meredith Atkinson is a social freak having a plethora of fan following on social sites. She is the most in the limelight on Instagram, having over 300k followers.

More and more, she shares a lot of pictures from her personal life on the photo-sharing app.

Meredith Atkinson is not available on other social platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

Matt Carriker Parents And Siblings

Matt Carriker’s father’s name is Dr. Lee Carricker who is a veterinarian. On the other hand, his mother’s name is Pat Carriker.

Unfortunately, Matt Carriker lost his brother, named Mark William Carriker, who died due to Cancer in the year 2020.

However, he still has a brother, known as Drew Carriker and a sister, named Dr. Ali Thames.

What People Ask About Matt Carriker Wife

Q. How tall is Matt Carriker Wife?

Meredith Atkinson stands tall at 5 feet and 8 inches, which makes her 172 cm. Her towering height makes her physiques look slim and attractive.

Q. When did Meredith Atkinson get married?

Meredith Atkinson got married to matt in the year 2008 after getting engaged for a year. Matt Carriker proposed to her while on a trip to San Diego in 2007.

Q. Is Meredith Atkinson single?

No, Meredith Atkinson got into a relationship with Matt in her high school days, and since then, she has been happily committed to him. The couple will celebrate their 13th anniversary this year.

Q. How many children does Meredith Atkinson have?

Meredith has three children with Matt Carriker. She gave birth to her elder daughter a few years after her marriage. All of her three kids are now school-going.

Q. What does Meredith Atkinson do for a living?

Meredith Atkinson is an entrepreneur and a fashion blogger on Instagram. She has launched her two brands, one of them deals in comfy wear and the other in activewear.

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