As Megyn Kelly slams Jennifer Lopez and Shakira’s 2020 Super Bowl halftime performance, she makes a very crude remark.


When bringing up Jennifer Lopez and Shakira’s 2020 halftime outfits, Megyn Kelly made a crude remark.

Kelly, 51, said in a recent episode of her podcast, The Megyn Kelly Show, that she objects to J.Lo and Shakira exposing their vags at the Super Bowl. ‘Like I don’t want that. It’s gotta be situation appropriate.’

Kelly and Bridget Phetasy were discussing women embracing their bodies when the performance came up.

 She had a bone to pick with J-Lo and Shakira, but Paulina Porizkova was her shining example.

“But I don’t really object to women embracing their bodies or showing them off, like the pictures you see,” she said.

She continued, “Paulina Porizkova just posted something really interesting.”. ‘She revealed her bottom, she looks amazing.’

In early September, Paulina posted several snaps showing off her behind, including one in a cheeky bikini in the sunshine.

There are other people who have taken issue with JLo and Shakira’s halftime performance besides Kelly.

The Federal Communications Commission received 1,300 complaints following the broadcast on February 2.

The lively performance – which received more viewership than the game – saw the pop stars belly dancing and pole-spinning in skimpy outfits.

Several viewers claimed they had to shield their children’s eyes from the up-close shots of the stars, according to freedom of information responses collected by WFAA.

There were complaints about ‘extreme booty shaking’, ‘pole dancing’, and ‘S&M outfits’.

According to others, the show was ‘soft porn’ with too much skin exposed.

Among the more strongly-worded complaints, one complained that their eyes had been ‘molested.’

The viewer from Spring Hill, Tennessee, wrote: ‘I do not subscribe to The Playboy Channel, we do not buy porn for $20 a flick, we simply wanted to sit down as a family and watch the Super Bowl.

‘God forbid we expected to watch football and a quick concert but instead had our eyes molested.’

Super Bowl LIV drew 102 million total viewers on Fox and all its platforms.

The half-time show complaints received by the FCC represent one one-thousandth of a per cent of all viewers, according to the commission.

By comparison, the Super Bowl half-time show in 2004 that featured Janet Jackson’s wardrobe malfunction saw 540,000 complaints in the weeks after the live broadcast.

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