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Pat McAfee Net Worth

Pat McAfee is a former football player who has tried his luck in almost every field you can name and hasn’t performed badly in any.

He is a YouTuber, a professional WWE wrestler, a sports journalist and much more. In this blog, we shall have a look at Pat McAfee net worth, his salaries, his income streams, as well as his assets and other riches.

Net Worth$19 million
YouTube Earnings$83,000 per month
Annual Income$16 million
NFL Salary$452,000 per annum
Show Earnings$1.21 per 1000 YouTube views

Pat McAfee Net Worth In 2024

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Pat McAfee has earned almost $19 million through his football career only. He started playing at a very early age.

Although he couldn’t make much in the first two years of his professional game, he made a lot of riches later on.

Pat McAfee Celebrity Earnings And Salary – Contributing To His Net Worth

Pat McAfee Salary

McAfee started his career in 2007. In the year 2007, and 2008, he made over 10000 dollars on various occasions.

After his junior sessions, his professional career properly started when the Indianapolis Colts signed him in 2009.

During 2009 – 2012, McAfee made over $450,000 per season. Furthermore, in 2013, he signed a one year contract worth $2.97 million.

Later in the year 2014, he signed a multi-million contract worth almost $14 million. In this contract, $5 million was guaranteed, but he earned a lot more than that.

His earnings between the years 2009-12 were almost $452k – $2.97 million in the year 2013. McAfee made $2.9 million from 2014-18.

Pat McAfee YouTube Earnings

Pat has also worked with ESPN as a part-time analyst for WWE events. He also made some revenue in radio podcasting but did not continue for long.

When McAfee became a host for CBS Sports Radio, he made $50,000 cash with FanDuel Sportsbook.

Furthermore, Pat also earns a handsome amount of money from his YouTube channel.

If we summarize his income, we would surely be looking at almost $16 million annual income. This roughly translates to $83,000 per month.

Besides, he makes a lot of money through social media and brand endorsements. The exact sum of that hasn’t been calculated yet but would surely be in hundreds and thousands of dollars.

The income of his show is almost 300k to 1.6 million dollars, and it receives around 1.21 dollars per 1000 views.

Pat McAfee Income

Pat McAfee Income

With earnings of over $5 million in his football career, his current net worth is estimated to be around $8-10 million.

One might say that McAfee has invested and spent his money wisely, but there is more to that.

As we mentioned earlier as well, he has entered many fields since he retired from football. The NFL earned him a lot of money, but he decided to go even further.

He is currency occupying various professions such as a YouTuber, WWE wrestler, sports journalist, stand-up comedian, and a lot more.

Pat McAfee Show Earnings

Pat McAfee Show Earnings

Pat made his professional debut in sports journalism with The Fox when he started his Pat McAfee podcast.

Although he had made some appearances on NXT before, he hadn’t been professionally hired by the channel for a long term project.

He made his debut in the broadcasting field on 24th November 2018 on Fox.

The show mainly features Pat and his friends to analyze and voice their opinions on various sports events.

Pat McAfee House

The famous football player and wrestler owns a mansion in Indianapolis, which he bought for $925,000 in the year 2014.

Pat McAfee Cars

The exact number of cars that McAfee owns is not known yet, but according to the information gathered, he owns at least two cars. One is a Ford Mustang, and the other is a Bentley.

FAQs Regarding Pat McAfee Net Worth

Q. How Much is Pat McAfee Net Worth?

Pat McAfee has made crazy money in his NFL career. With earnings of over $19 million, he sustained $8-10 million of that as his current net worth.

Q. What is Pat McAfee net worth?

With a yearly income of over $16 million, Pat has a net worth of almost 8-10 million dollars.

Q. What is Pat McAfee’s salary?

From his various income streams, it is estimated that McAfee earns almost $16 million per year. This translates to around $83k per month. Besides, his salary during his NFL years was around $452,000 per annum.

Q. How much does Pat McAfee make per episode?

The Pat McAfee show makes around $1.21 per 1000 views. It is estimated that the show has a worth of around 300k to 1 million dollars.

Q. How much does Pat McAfee make from YouTube?

He makes an estimated 38 thousand dollars per month. His channel makes around 1.21 dollars per 1000 views.

Q. How many views does the Pat McAfee show get?

With an average monthly income of 38k, the show makes 1.21 dollars per every thousand views. This means that his channel gets around 31k views per month.

Q. How much does Pat McAfee pay his employees?

There isn’t much information available on this topic, but we will make sure to update you as soon as we find something out.

This article was last updated in July, 2024.
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