Andrew Camarata Net Worth, Age, Girlfriend, Castle, & Wiki

Andrew Camarata Net Worth

Following his dad, Andrew Camarata stepped into the mechanical work of property and excavation.

While working for endless hours on the ground, he found a way to cash his talent on YouTube. Andrew Camarata’s net worth is $1.3 million.

Andrew Camarata has worked both on and off the fields. He got immense fame for his extraordinary skills that made him a YouTube sensation in his field.

From the beginning, Andrew was interested in his father’s profession. His dad had a business related to machinery and equipment.

Real NameAndrew Camarata
Net Worth$1.3 million
Earnings$ 9.82K As of last 30 days
YouTube Earnings$3 to $7 per 1000 video views
Income/Salary$29.19 per month
Birth Date12-11-1985
Birth PlaceSaugerties, New York, U.S.
Zodiac Sign/StarScorpio
Height5 feet 9 inches (1.7 meters)
WeightNot available
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorGreen
Body MeasurementsNot available
Skin TypeFair white
Body Body Type/Sexual OrientationStraight
Marital StatusSingle
Wife/GirlfriendNot known
ChildrenNo kids
Social Media PresenceFacebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter

He started his channel in the year 2014 and bagged a plethora of more than 990K subscribers.

His fame has made him known among the masses as a hardworking and talented person.

While working in the fields, his principal aim is to follow his passion, which ultimately led him to success and popularity.

You might have seen him while scrolling down the video-sharing app. And I must say his videos are addictive, and so is his personality.

If you got attracted to his lifestyle, you wish to discover more about him. Let us find out Andrew Camarata’s net worth, wife, family, house, Instagram, and much more!

The Complete Net Worth Of Andrew Camarata

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Andrew Camarata mechanical work

Andrew Camarata has made his net worth by his field as well as YouTube work. After following his dream, he has made a good amount of money and cashed his talent.

He is among the few people on video-sharing apps showcasing their talent and skills. Andrew Camarata’s net worth comes out to be $1.3 million by 2024.

Both YouTube and his fieldwork contributed equally to such a good net worth. His channel is about to reach ten lakhs subscribers, making him earn loads of money.

Apart from this, he and his family own a business too. This business, Camarata Property Maintenance Company, has up to five branches in New York City.

Moreover, Andrew Camarata also owns merchandise, where he sells stuff like hoodies, tees, sweats, and other household items. So, there is a lot of contribution to his net worth from many sources.

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How Much Andrew Camarata Makes From His Profession?

Andrew Camarata had made out the most from his career. His father also works with him in his maintenance company.

His production company works like building a bridge, moving a building, and other property maintenance works.

All of this work is earning him a great deal of money. His monthly income comes out to be approximately $30 thousand, which made his yearly income up to $450 thousand a year.

That is all our estimation, and it could be more than as he had multiple sources of revenue, which made him wealthy.

Andrew Camarata’s Journey To Success – YouTube

The foremost reason for the popularity of Andrew Camarata is his YouTube videos and the dedication he has to them.

Along with that, he had shown people how different processes and machinery work. That all is an unfamiliar experience for many people out there.

He debuted on YouTube many years ago and, till now, posting videos on his channel. Among his videos: building a bridge, making a driveway, and closing in the container castle, are the few famous ones.

Currently, he has amassed over 900k subscribers on YouTube with over 398 million views on his videos. His YouTube journey has played a significant role in his success and helped him get the limelight.

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The Early Life Of Andrew Camarata – Birth And Education

Andrew Camarata was born and raised in the small town of Saugerties, New York. Bron on 12th November 1985, makes him thirty-six years old by now.

He got his early education from some school in his hometown, the name of which is not available.

For his college degree, he went to some university, the detail of which are unknown to the internet.

He holds a bachelor degree in computer science and after that followed passion in the field of the property business.

Andrew Camarata Family – Father And Brother

Andrew Camarata was born into a very diligent and enthusiastic family. His father used to deal with heavy machinery and motors.

That developed an interest in Andrew Camarata, and he started looking upon his father as a role model.

Following his steps, he entered this profession and made his name through it. Not much information about his brother and mother have been disclosed to the public.

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Has Andrew Camarata Tied The Knot?

No, Andrew Camarata has not tied the knot with anyone. Currently, Andrew Camarata is focused on his career and is very serious about it.

He does not want to be in any commitment and is living the best of his life. His work is his major priority, and he is trying hard to make a living through it.

Besides, he does not even have a girlfriend, and the information about his exes is still private.

Is Andrew Camarata On Social Media?

Andrew Camarata is quite familiar with the photo-sharing app and often shares glimpses of his life.

His Instagram (@andrew_c_am) is full of his work and his life. Most of the time, he shares the pictures with his dogs, Daisy and Levi.

Apart from Instagram, the only other way to reach out to him is through his YouTube channel, Andrew Camarata.

He has more than 900k subscribers and millions of views on each video.

Height, Age, Weight, And Measurements of Andrew Camarata

The age of Andrew Camarata is 36 years old, and soon he will be thirty-six. His height is 5 feet and 9 inches, which equals 179 cm. His weight and body measurements are away from the public eye.

Andrew Camarata Fun Facts And Trivia

  • Andrew Camarata still lives in his hometown, Saugerties, in New York state.
  • One of his old dogs, Levi, died in June 2021.
  • His YouTube comprises both his constructional work and lifestyle vlogs.
  • He has followed his passion because of the support from his parents.
  • Andrew Camarata loves sports and animals.

Frequently Asked Questions About Andrew Camarata

Q. What Is Andrew Camarata’s reason for popularity?

Andrew Camarata got the limelight because of his YouTube video, which became popular among the masses. His YouTube videos have him doing property maintenance and working with heavy machinery.

Q. Is Andrew Camarata single?

Yes, Andrew Camarata is reportedly single and is not even ready for any commitment at the moment. His current focus is on her work.

Q. What is Andrew Camarata’s source of income?

Andrew Camarata has multiple sources of income, his company, YouTube channel, and his online clothing and lifestyle merchandise.

Q. Is Andrew Camarata famous?

Yes, Andrew Camarata is famous for The video-sharing app. On youtube, he has over 990k subscribers and 380 million views.

Q. Why did Andrew Camarata choose property maintenance?

Andrew Camarata chooses property maintenance out of his passion and love for it. He had always seen his father doing machinery work, which developed a passion in him.

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