Cristiano Ronaldo Saved His Brother, Hugo Dos Santos Aveiro

Cristiano Ronaldo Brother (Hugo Dos Santos Aveiro)

Cristiano Ronaldo is a football legend and one of the most successful players in the world. His career has spanned across different teams, but his brother Aveiro had a different path.

Aveiro’s life has been far from glamorous, but he is a man who values his family and friends above everything else.

Cristiano Ronaldo Brother, Hugo Dos Santos Aveiro | The Hidden Facts

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Cristiano Ronaldo Brother, Hugo Dos Santos Aveiro | The Hidden Facts

Aveiro, 42, had struggled with drinking and other substance abuse. Ronaldo paid for treatment at the Aurora Recovery Center to help him overcome addiction.

Aveiro overcame this battle by staying optimistic about his recovery and continuing his soccer career.

The Aurora Recovery Center is a rehabilitation center that focuses on cognitive behavioral therapy with a strong emphasis on psycho-education. It offers many treatment options, including residential.

Undoubtedly, his money helped to save Hugo. As per his mother Dolores, things may have turned out a lot better if Cristiano hadn’t become a professional footballer.

This week, the world saw how the lives of Ronaldo and Hugo have changed over the years.

Ronaldo’s brother, Hugo, is now a manager for Ronaldo’s museum in Madeira and took his famous brother to Paris when he was crowned winner of this year’s Ballon d’Or trophy.

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Who is Hugo Dos Santos Aveiro?

Who is Hugo Dos Santos Aveiro?

Hugo is the brother of Cristiano Ronaldo. Hugo Dinis was born in the year that his father went to Angola with the Portuguese army.

Before he left school at the age of 17, he worked for an aluminum company before running a painting crew later.

The problem was just around the corner for the now-documented Hugo, who started abusing substances, according to Ronaldo biographer Guillem Balague.

Hugo was an “out and about” player. He played. He drank. He slept a lot, too.

Ronaldo started playing professionally when Hugo played in a structured team with coaches and directors.

It’s a different kind of football. Although Hugo had skill, he was an amateur street footballer who used to play against his friends.. Nothing like Ronaldo.”

Said Ronaldo.
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Is Cristiano Ronaldo’s Brother Drug Addicted?

Is Cristiano Ronaldo's Brother Drug Addicted?

Cristiano settled in Lisbon at the age of 11, earning £170 per month as an apprentice. His life began to spiral out of control.

Dolores realized that something had to be done, so she sent him to rehab. As a cleaner, I earned only £400 per month, so I had to take out a loan.”

Hugo, however, soon switched to his old ways, and this time his brother stepped in to help. . So Hugo wouldn’t have to suffer any longer, he paid for more treatment.

Cristiano was 16 when he first entered the workforce and was still in school. For his age, he made a lot of money and made payments for his brother’s treatment.

“There’s no doubt that his money helped save Hugo.”

Said Dolores.
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Does Cr7 Have Any Brothers?

Does Ronaldo Have Any Brothers?

Ronaldo Ronaldo is a professional soccer player for the Real Madrid club. . He joined the club in 2009 and has won many leagues and cups in Spain, England, Italy, and France.

Cristiano Ronaldo has got three siblings: Elma, Katia, and Hugo, a brother. He is the family’s baby because they are all older.

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Q. How did Cristiano Ronaldo save his brother?

As soon as Hugo reverted to his old habits, his brother Cristiano stepped in to save the day by making payment for more treatment. “Cristiano was 16 when he paid for his brother’s treatment,” Dolores said. “His money undoubtedly saved Hugo’s life.”

Q. Does Ronaldo have a stepfather?

Elma Aveiro (Cristiano Ronaldo’s sister), Dolores Aveiro (Ronaldo’s mother), and José Andrade (Cristiano Ronaldo’s stepfather) were all in attendance at the Qualifiers – Group B to Euro 2020 football match between Portugal vs. Serbia.

Q. Where is Ronaldo’s father from?

Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro (born February 5, 1985, in Portugal) football player., a Portuguese footballer (soccer) forward, was one of his generation’s greatest players. Ronaldo’s father, José Dinis Aveiro, was the assistant equipment manager for local club Andorinha. Throughout his career, Ronaldo won 18 trophies and proved himself one of the most iconic faces in soccer history.

Q. Who is Ronaldo’s sister?

Cristiano Ronaldo has two sisters: Elma dos Santos Aveiro and Katia Aveiro.

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