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Cody Ko And Noel

Two competitors can be friends, and Cody Ko and Noel Miller are the live examples of it.

They both work as top-notch YouTubers who earn their living through their content creation on the app.

Apart from that, they both are entrepreneurs, comedians, and lastly as rappers. Cody Ko and Noel Miller are some of the few friends in the internet industry.

You might have seen them together in several videos, considering you a YouTube addict.

Nonetheless, if you are here, you must want to discover more about them or, if you are a fan of both phenomenal YouTubers. Regardless, we have all information that you need to know.

Why Is Cody Ko Famous?

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If you’re a fan of comedy and podcasts, you must be aware of Cody Ko.

He has worked as a businessman, rapper, entertainer, and most importantly, as a rapper. His talents have made him a superstar in the digital industry.

Moreover, he is also a social influencer and vlogger that has over four channels on YouTube.

Can You Find Cody Ko On Instagram?

Cody Ko is available on many social platforms across the world. His account on the photo-sharing app is @codyko. He has got two million followers on this platform.

Besides Instagram, he is a social beast, having followers on many social platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, and TikTok.

Cody Ko And Noel Miller

Who Is Comedian – Noel Miller?

Noel Miller is a YouTube celebrity who is an expert in the vine videos on the YouTube Platform.

He is one of the few YouTubers who has gained recognition in such a brief span. Noel Miller created his YouTube channel back in 2015 and has gained 2.49 million subscribers since then.

He is exceptional for his vines and comedy series. Nonetheless, he has tried his luck in music too, and got better at that.

Is Noel Miller On Social Platforms?

Noel Miller is no less when it comes to social channels. Being a social media personality, he got plenty of followers on numerous platforms.

He is on Instagram (@thenoelmiller), where he has 1.3 million followers.

Also, he is a superstar on Twitter (@thenoelmiller), having over 800K subscribers on the platform.

Are Cody Ko And Noel Miller Still Friends?

Cody Ko And Noel Miller Cringe

Cody Ko and Noel Miller have met as coworkers on the American entertainment company, Fullscreen.

When Cody Ko joined the company, Noel Miller was already a web designer in the company. Cody Ko joined the company as a software engineer, and they both talked a bit.

From there, they both started to share a very appreciable bond.

After their friendship, Noel Miller and Cody Ko got featured in each other’s YouTube videos. Their friendship appears to be long-lasting.

Cody Ko And Noel Miller YouTube – Tiny Meat Gang

Tiny Meat Gang is the mutual YouTube channel by Cody Ko and Noel Miller. They both created this channel in 2017 and supposed the mark of 1.13 million till now.

This channel has got attention from both of their followers.

On this channel, they both are focused on creating podcasts on current affairs and social setbacks. Also, they both have produced some music as well.

This channel has made a significant increase in the Cody Ko net worth and Noel Miller earnings.

Cody Ko And Noel Miller Merchandise

Based on their YouTube channel, Cody Ko and Noel Miller have launched their merchandise where they both deal with plenty of clothing stuff.

Their chief focus is on the men’s clothing line, which too, in casual wear. They have a lot of their accessories, like mugs, caps, and much more.

FAQs Regarding Cody Ko And Noel Miller

Q. Does Tiny Meat Gang do tours?

Yes, Tiny meat gang has arranged many tours every year for its fan and lovers. However, one of their recent tours got canceled because of some unknown reasons.

Q. Does Noel Miller have a girlfriend?

Noel Miller has been in a romantic relationship with Aleena, and they both are in a relationship for some time. The couple got engaged in the year 2020.

Q. How old is Noel Miller?

Currently, Noel Miller is 32 years old. He was born on August 19, 1989, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Q. Are Cody Ko And Noel Miller Canadian?

Noel Miller was born in Canada and same is the case with Cody Ko. He also has a Canadian background. Cody Ko’s parents both live with him in Canada.

Q. Is Cody Ko married?

Cody Ko is not married and is currently dating a prominent internet personality, Kelsey Kreppel. Both have been dating for a long time. Cody Ko’s girlfriend is also a YouTuber.

Q. Why are Cody Ko and NoelMiller famous?

Cody Ko and Noel Miller got famous for their podcasts, vines, vlogs, and music videos. They both also have exceptional comedy showcasing their funny side.

This article was last updated in May, 2024.
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