Cody Ko Parents, Siblings, Family Tree, And Ethnic Background

Cody Ko Parents

Cody Ko has become one of the top YouTubers because of his profession as a podcast, vlogger, and entertainer.

He became a star through the video-sharing app, and since then, he has become a popular internet sensation.

Not only that, but he is also an owner of three YouTube channels and a co-owner of another YouTube channel on the platform.

Cody Ko has talked about his family in his featured videos. That makes people wonder about his family background, siblings and ethnicity.

To get more details on Cody Ko’s parents and siblings, read the full article below.

Cody Ko – Family Background

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Cody Ko does not have a big family, unlike many other YouTubers. He has a small family comprising his father, mother, and sister.

His family is one of the major factors in his success. He would not have achieved this much in his life without their support and encouragement.

Cody Ko’s’s parents belong to a Canadian family, and they used to live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. There they belong to upper-middle-class families and used to live a joyful life.

Moreover, the YouTube and podcasting career has significantly increased the net worth of Cody Ko.

Cody Ko – Ethnicity And Religion

Although Cody Ko does not seem to have a firm belief in his religion, he rarely talks about God. Both of his parents are Christian by their religion, which makes him an inborn Christian as well.

Both his parents belong to Canada, making him Canadian by his ethnicity. He was born and raised in the Alberta province of the country and lived there for till his adolescence.

Cody Ko Parents – Father And Mother

Cody Ko often talks about his parents and their journey in life. He often pokes fun at his parents’ professional choices in their life. However, he is still proud of his parents and what they have achieved so far.

Let us get into more details about Cody Ko Parents.

Cody Ko Father – Greg Kolodziejzyk

Cody Ko’s father himself is a famous personality on the internet. Born in 1961 in British Colombia, Greg Kolodziejzyk moved to Calgary when he was only five years old.

Since then, he got settled in the Alberta province. He got the limelight for his remarkable record for the largest marathon run by a human in 24 hours.

Greg Kolodziejzyk also won many other awards and recognitions for his profession as a cyclist.

Before running for marathons, he was an entrepreneur and used to run a software business with his wife.

Greg Kolodziejzyk – Social Handles

Greg Kolodziejzyk is also a social freak having accounts on many web platforms.

He has an engaging Instagram (@adventuresofgreg), which has few thousand followers. He shares his daily life activities and also posts pictures with his wife now and then.

His other social handles include Twitter (@gregkolod), Facebook (@greg.kolodziejzyk), and TikTok (@gregkolodziejzyk).

Cody Ko Mother – Helen Kolodziejzyk

Cody Ko has shared the screen with his mother many times, yet not much information is available about her.

Helen Kolodziejzyk was a business tycoon and has worked as a Ceo for his husband’s company.

Later, Greg Kolodziejzyk sold the company, and since then, a homemaker. She has an interest in athletic activities.

Helen Kolodziejzyk is very close to his son, Cody Ko, and often got features in his videos on his YouTube channel.

She has a successful marriage with Greg Kolodziejzyk and is a mother of two children.

What Is Helen Kolodziejzyk Instgram?

Helen Kolodziejzyk is not as much of a social person, unlike his son and husband.

She, however, is a fan of photo-sharing app where she shares a lot of photographs of his daily life.

Helen Kolodziejzyk has few thousand followers on her Instagram (@hgkolo).

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Cody Ko Sister – Krista Kolodziejzyk

Cody Ko sister

Krista Kolodziejzyk has said hello to the internet world many times through his brother’s platform.

Yet, she lives a very private life and does not share much about her on the internet. She is the younger sister of Cody Ko.

She, like his brother, was born and raised in the Calgary City of Alberta, Canada.

For her early education, she went to Springbank Community High School. More information about her professional life is unavailable.

She is currently running a podcast on diet and nutrition.

Is Cody Ko Sister On Instagram?

Krista Kolodziejzyk is available on the photo-sharing app and has plenty of followers there.

Her Instagram handle is @kristakolod, where she posts pictures with her family friends and beau, Paul Dicesare.

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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Cody Ko’s Parents And Family

Q. Where do Cody Ko’s parents belong?

Cody Ko’s parents are the residents of Calgary since the beginning. His father, however, was born in Fort St. John, Canada. They both have Canadian nationality.

Q. Is Cody Ko adopted?

No, Cody Ko is not adopted. Instead, her mom gave him birth in the Calgary city of Canada. Helen Kolodziejzyk gave birth to him on 22 November 1990.

Q. Is Cody Ko’s sister single?

Cody Ko’s sister has been in a romantic relationship with her beau, Paul Dicesare. She often posts pictures with him on his Instagram.

Q. What is the ethnicity of Cody Ko?

Cody Ko’s parents belong to Canada so Cody Ko has Canadian ethnic background and Christian by religion. The Cody Ko wiki and biography is public.

Q. How old is Greg Kolodziejzyk?

Greg Kolodziejzyk has turned sixty years old on March 2021. He is getting better with age and is still very fit and healthy.

Q. Are Greg Kolodziejzyk and Helen Kolodziejzyk still together?

Both of Cody Ko’s parents are living happily and cheerfully in their marriage life. They both seem to be really in love with each other.

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