Cody Ko Girlfriend, Relationships, Affairs, And Dating History

Cody Ko girlfriend

The famous YouTuber, Cody Ko has been in a love relationship with Kelsey Kreppel for a long time. She’s also appeared in podcasts with him.

Cody Ko’s girlfriend revealed that both of them met during their first podcast together.

Cody Ko established himself as a YouTube star through his immense hard work and talent.

He has showcased his skills as a YouTuber, business tycoon, rapper, and internet personality.

Cody Ko is ruling over the internet world, having surplus followers on all the social platforms.

Numerous people follow him as an influencer, and a lot more admire him as a person.

With that, there must be so many female followers searching the web to find more of his relationship status, dating life, and ex-girlfriend.

For that, follow what we have brought for you!

Cody Ko Dating History | Girlfriend And Past Relationships

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Cody Ko is not open about her past relationships. He had talked little about his previous affairs while discussing his life on the podcasts.

However, there are many reports of him dating, having a good deal of ex-girlfriends.

Reports suggest that he has been in a relationship with Corinna Kopf, but they both were not in a serious relationship.

Soon, he started dating Corinna but ended up separating their ways. More and more, there are speculations of him dating the Six Feet Apart star, Amymarie Gaertner.

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Who Is Cody Ko Girlfriend? | Kelsey Kreppel

Cody Ko met the love of his life at a party back in the year 2017.

Since then, they got romantically involved with each other, till the two made their relationship public through the internet.

They both worked together in many videos confirming the gossip about their romantic relationship.

Kelsey Kreppel is also a YouTuber who shares an insight into her lifestyle through the platform.

Cody Ko and Kelsey Kreppel

Her videos are related to cooking, vlogs, and fashion. She was not a YouTuber from the beginning instead; worked as a schoolteacher and then turned into an entertainer.

Unlike the parents and family of Cody Ko, Kelsy Kreppel has a family background from Los Angeles.

How Does Kelsey Kreppel Make Money?

Cody Ko Girlfriend is a child and adolescent development graduate and has worked as a schoolteacher for a brief span in her life.

After that, she turned into a full-time entertainer in the social world.

Since then, she has been working as a social entertainer and making people laugh through her content.

Not only that, but she also reviews different looks and shows her cooking skills through her videos.

Kelsey Kreppel’s videos are much sarcastic, and people love her natural sarcasm skills. They have been seen together in their YouTube videos.

Kelsey Kreppel Net Worth And Earnings

Having a plethora of 887K subscribers on YouTube, she earned a lot of money from the video-sharing app.

She joined the platform in 2017 and, since then, little by little, made it to the top YouTubers in this category. With that, Kelsey Kreppel has a net worth of $331 thousand.

The only source of her net worth is her YouTube channel, which made her a handful of money in such a brief span.

She has been earning a great deal of money from her sponsorships on the photo-sharing app – Instagram.

All this contributed a lot to her net worth. She is also an Instagram star having over 700k followers there.

On the other hand, Cody Ko’s net worth and earnings also come from his YouTube videos and channels.

FAQs Regarding Cody Ko Girlfriend

Q. Who is Taco Tuesday Girl?

Kelsey Kreppel is also known as the Tace Tuesday Girl among the Cody Ko followers. All of this started when Cody used this word in the podcast featuring Kelsey.

Q. Does Kelsey Kreppel have tattoos?

Kelsey Kreppel loves tattoos and has got a few tattoos on her body. One of her tattoos is a teddy bear, while the other is 1991, written in roman.

Q. Has Kelsey Kreppel appeared on Cody Ko podcasts?

Yes, Kelsey Kreppel has appeared in a lot of videos on Cody Ko’s YouTube channel. One of Cody ko podcasts with her is available on the platform as Taco Tuesday Girl.

He uploaded it back in 2017. Besides Kelsey Kreppel, Cody Ko and Noel Miller has also done podcasts on YouTube.

Q. What is Kelsey Kreppel’s date of birth?

She took her first breath in Los Angeles, California September 24, 1993. She is American by her nationality and is currently twenty-seven years old.

Q. How Cody Ko and Kelsey Kreppel met?

Cody Ko and Kelsey met at a private party in 2019. After that, they both appeared on each other youtube channel, and soon they both fell in love.

As of now, they both share a great bond as romantic partners.

This article was last updated in April, 2024.
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