Sykkuno Net Worth 2024 | Twitch Streamer Income And Earnings

Sykkuno Net Worth

Sykkuno, a popular Twitch streamer and Youtube sensation, earned his net worth of $5 million differently than most others.

He relies primarily on his videos for income and produces some form of live streaming!

Net Worth$5 million
YouTube Earnings$48,000 per month
Twitch Earnings$105-$200 per stream

Sykkuno Net Worth 2024

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Sykkuno has earned a great sum of money, making a net worth of $5 million. Sykkuno is a top-tier Twitch streamer, and he gets to keep 70% of his subscriber base.

Top-level subscriptions are worth around $3.50 per month compared with 50% for regular subscribers; however, it’s unclear how much money Sykuna makes from bit donations or advertisements because Twitch’s information isn’t revealed.

The average streamer can make $20 for every 1000 viewers who see advertisements.

Sykkuno Salary

As of now, it is estimated that the highest paying streams generate around 20 YouTube subscribers and comments on their videos which equals out to about one dollar per thousand views or impressions.

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Sykkuno Estimated Earnings

Sykkuno Earnings

With over 2 million subscribers on Youtube and each of his videos averaging around 500,000 views, Sykkuno is one of the most successful YouTubers in Norway.

Moreover, he keeps 55% for himself when advertising through ads that appear during playtime, making him money from youtube advertisements!

Sykkuno is like other Twitch streamers, and he also makes income through sponsorships. One known sponsor is Mavix Gaming chairs, which provide excellent seats to gamers everywhere!

It’s unclear how much Syk has earned from this particular sponsorship, but it must be pretty nice if we’re talking about $5 million here.

I’m guessing those numbers add up fast when you’re making commercials with the ability of thousands upon millions of views per day plus merchandise sales, too, right?

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Sykkuno Income

Sykkuno Income


Sykkuno’s monthly income is around $110,000. His subscribers are one of his main sources of income; however, some additional earnings come in through advertisements and donations.

According to Twitch Tracker, Sykkuno has an average of 30K followers, which would make him earn about $105-$200 per stream or 4000 views on YouTube videos that are uploaded with their channel name “Sykk.”

In addition, streaming 15 thousand times each month brings out between 100 – 200 dollars via online donations as well.”


Sykkuno earns around $48,000 per month from his self-titled YouTube Channel.

He gets this money by showing ads on videos he uploads to social media and website hosting sites like Facebook or Instagram that have more than 5000 views which is the minimum amount required for automated advertising in most cases (around 12 million).

Sykunnos’ average number of monthly video watchings are over 12 million, so it’s safe to say he keeps about 4 cents per 1000 views thanks primarily due how engaging viewers find them funny enough not only to watch but also share across various platforms online where they can be seen easily among other things.

Sykkuno Monthly Earnings

Twitch and YouTube combined to make up most of the $105,000 that Sykkuno received in monthly income this past year.

Twitch subscribers contributed mainly with an additional source for about 51%. Ads on his videos bring up the remaining 48%.

According to estimates from analytics tools like Streamlabs Studio + patronage rewards platforms such as Patreon, etc. There’s no way to create content full-time without having some side hustle going.

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FAQs Regarding Sykkuno Net Worth

Q. How much does Sykkuno make off Twitch?

Sykkuno makes an average of $110,000 per month from his Twitch Account.

Q. Does Sykkuno have another job?

Streaming is his primary source of income, and he doesn’t work any other jobs.

Q. What car does Sykkuno drive?

This information is not known yet, but we will update you in the future.

This article was last updated in May, 2024.
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