Truth Behind Trinidad James Grammy Award | Did He Really Win?

Trinidad James Grammy

Trinidad James has made it to the top-notch rappers and has bagged many awards and accolades under his name.

He has worked immensely hard for every song and music video. Trinidad James Grammy is one of the prominent achievements in his life, and he seems to be so proud of that.

Trinidad James’ well-written songs have made it to the top US charts and won many awards and accolades.

He has also made it to the Grammy awards, all because of his songs and lyrics. He has made himself a top hip-hop rapper, beating many of the writers.

Moreover, Trinidad James songs are even popular on the video-sharing app, YouTube.

In this article, I am clearing all your queries related to the Trinidad James Grammy award.

However, some people think that Trinidad James Grammy is a scam, and there is no truth behind that. While others believe he deserves the recognition and has won it.

Did Trinidad James Won The Grammy Award?

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One way or the other, Trinidad James won the highly esteemed award, Grammy. Trinidad James did not win it directly; instead, he won it through Uptown Funk.

Uptown funk is a hip-hop song by Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars, having melodious music and a pleasant voice. Its thrilling music and lyrics made it a good option on several occasions.

However, Trinidad James contributed a little to write the lyrics of the song. Trinidad James interpolated his All Gold Everything lyrics, making it a high-ranked song on the US charts.

For the song, Trinidad James made his teeth golden to match with the song theme.

Also, this song made it to the Grammy’s music award and even won two of them.

How Trinidad James Won The Grammy?

It won’t be wrong to say that Trinidad James made it to the Grammy because of his contribution to the famous hip-hop song Uptown Funk.

Mark Ronson has credited Trinidad James for his great lyrics and for incorporating Trinidad James, All Gold Everything.

More and more, Mark Ronson also gave Trinidad a hefty sum of $150,000 as a payment for the interpolation of his famous song.

All these have made a significant increase in Trinidad James net worth.

Why Did Trinidad James Not Get The Grammy Award?

Trinidad James Grammy award

However, while he was trending on the social site for winning the music award, the authorities cleared that he did not win the Grammy as the award is only for the producer and director of the song.

The song won the Record of the Year award and Best Pop Duo/Group Performance, in which the award is limited to the producer and artist.

Now, talk about the Song Of The Year award, which will give to each person involved in the song.

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Trinidad James Grammy Award

Trinidad James also considers himself a Grammy winner, and he is pretty happy about that.

He thinks he had contributed a great deal in writing the song, which makes Uptown Funk unique and cheerful.

While talking to some media representatives, he stated that; he is happy about winning the Grammy and would love to have more and more.

He also said that once you receive an award, you always want more and more.

Trinidad James Other Awards And Accolades

Regardless of Grammy, Trinidad James has also won many other awards because of his song, All Gold, everything.

He has also made it to the Top US charts as the popular hits on the weekly list. His other achievements are;

  • In 2013
  1. BET Award for being the Best New Artist
  2. BET Hip Hop Award for being the Best Club Banger
  3. BET Hip Hop Award for Who New? Rookie of the Year
  4. BET Hip Hop Award for Best Mixtape
  • In 2014
  1. BET Award for Viewer’s Choice

What People Ask About Trinidad James Grammy Award

Q. When did Trinidad James win Grammy?

Trinidad James Grammy award presented on the 58th Grammy’s in the year 2016. Both the producers of the song received the award for their work.

Q. Which Trinidad James song won the Grammy Award?

Trinidad James won the Grammy award because of the song uptown funk. He has also composed the song along with Bruno Mars and Devon Gallaspy.

Q. Is Uptown Funk a famous song?

Uptown work is a very highlighted song of the last century. This song has crossed the 4.3 billion mark on YouTube.

Q. How much did Mark Ronson give Trinidad James for interpolating?

As per reports, Mark Ronson gave Trinidad James a fair amount of money for using his lyrics in Uptown Funk. He gave Trinidad $150,000 for that.

Q. Did All Gold Everything make it to Grammy?

No, All Gold Everything did not make it to the Grammy Awards. Although famous, this song is not up to the mark of music awards.

This article was last updated in July, 2024.
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