What’s The Mystery Behind Trinidad James Teeth?

Trinidad James Teeth

When Trinidad James made his debut in 2102, his most prominent features were his teeth and physical appearance after his songs.

There is no doubt that people did not like Trinidad James teeth much because of their distorted shape.

This 34-year-old rapper had made it to the social media highlights when he debuted in his album, Don’t Be Safe. Since then, many media pages have covered Trinidad James biography, wiki, and physical appearance.

While many qualities are worth noticing in his life, his teeth and clothing style is foremost at the top.

Later, he fixed them and changed his appearance to a more decent and suitable one for his work. Lets us see what made him change his teeth and also his dressing style.

When Did Trinidad James Get Gold Teeth?

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For his song, All Gold Everything, he coated his teeth with gold. Also, he wore substantial gold chains and heavy rings to create a vibe with the vocals.

Luckily, his appearance gets along well with the song’s lyrics and creates some buzz because of the shape of his teeth. Soon, people started searching for his misshapen teeth.

How did Trinidad James Teeth look Before Fixing?

Trinidad James Teeth fixed before and after

Trinidad James’ teeth looked grim before getting fixed. His teeth were one of the prominent features of his face.

Many people made a lot of fun out of his misshapen teeth. But he seemed not to bother, and he continued to work on his songs and albums.

He got famous because his teeth were very noticeable, creating a wrong impression on his personality.

Many people on social media tried to convince him to get his teeth fixed, but he seemed not to care about their opinions and disrespect.

That’s the good thing about him as he didn’t stop there. In fact, the net worth of Trinidad James significantly boosted after he got his teeth fixed and pursued hi career.

Trinidad James Got Bullied for His Teeth

When you work in the media industry, you will get a lot of criticism. But making fun of someone and their inborn features is something out of the line.

While many people advised him to get his teeth fixed, many others made fun of them.

Someone also said his teeth look like he was chewing truck parts his entire life, and many others crossed their line while criticizing him.

A famous YouTuber, Filnobep, also made a roasted video on the All Gold Everything singer, Trinidad James.

This negativity didn’t stop him. In fact, Trinidad James won Grammy award as well.

Why did Trinidad James Get sued For His teeth?

Martin sitcom producer Gerald Levin sued the rapper for his infringement on the character of the play.

He said that the Jerome character, based on Martin Lawrence, is similar to Trinidad James’ appearance.

He further added that Trinidad James has the same gold chains, gold rings, and lastly, the same rotten teeth on his face.

All these features all make him just like Jerome. After that, he ultimately sued him with a $5 million lawsuit.

Why Trinidad James Ditched His Gold Teeth And Braided Hair?

Trinidad James appeared in one of the morning show on the New York radio. There he talked about his straight hair and gold teeth.

All his fans were wondering about the sudden change Trinidad James had in his life.

He further explained that he did not plan it, and it happened as he felt good while having straight hair.

Also, he has now ditched his golden teeth and now opted for simple, sorted ones. He had spent a few bucks on his dental health and shaped his teeth again.

What People Ask About Trinidad James Teeth

Q. Does Trinidad James get his teeth fixed?

Trinidad James got a dental adjustment of his teeth some years back. He called them set due to facing much criticism and disliking from the audience.

Q. Which of Trinidad James’ teeth were golden?

Trinidad James had its lower teeth golden due to his song video. Although, only a few of the bottom teeth were covered in gold.

Q. How Does Trinidad James get his teeth fixed?

Trinidad James made his golden teeth fixed by some well-recognized dental surgeons. Also, the details about his dentist are unknown.

Q. Are Trinidad James’ new teeth good?

After getting his teeth fixed, and straight hair, Trinidad James looks good with a decent personality. He also feels more comfortable after having them fixed.

Q. Why did Trinidad James get gold teeth?

He colored his teeth gold because of his music video, All Gold Everything. To create the same video with the video, he made a lot of things like gold.

This article was last updated in July, 2024.
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