The actor-filmmaker Sajid Khan was criticised by Urfi Javed when he appeared on Bigg Boss.


There have been many questions raised about Bigg Boss 16 since actor-filmmaker Sajid Khan joined the show. Bigg Boss OTT star Urfi Javed is the latest to criticize the makers.

She said: “Bigg Boss, why would you do that? When you support sexual predators, you’re actually telling them that it’s okay what they have done. These men need to know this behaviour is not okay and they cannot get away with it. Stop working with sexual predators! It’s not controversial, it’s just disgraceful!”

 Sajid’s female colleagues, including actress Mandana Karimi, accused him of sexual harassment in 2018 and shared their #MeToo experiences with him. In light of this, he stepped down as director of Housefull 4.

Urfi mentioned: “Sajid Khan never apologized for what he did! Imagine how the girls he harassed must feel! So don’t worry because you’ll still get to appear on the biggest show in India even if you harass more than one woman! (You cannot support everything under the guise of controversy). Controversy ke liye aap har cheez thode support karenge.

Urfi added that after he was on the show, she would not even consider joining it.

“Not that I got an offer from Bigg Boss this year but even if I got it, I wouldn’t (come onboard for the show)!! Can we all please stop supporting sexual predators. I can’t even believe what the girls he harassed must be going through seeing him everyday on television”, says Urfi. 

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