Zendaya Parents | The Disney Star’s Father And Mother

Zendaya Parents

Zendaya is known as one of Hollywood’s most adored style and beauty icons. From her gorgeous social media presence to her incredible red carpet looks, Not only did she gain everyone’s attention for good but her parents also became famous!

She has solidified this status with performances like in Euphoria or Spider-Man franchise movies which are full impactful roles played by Zendaya herself.”

It’s been a rough few weeks for Zendaya. Nine years after she first hit the spotlight as Kori Simmons in “Shake It Up,” questions are again being raised about the extent of influence her parents had on their daughter’s music career and personal life, which is causing quite a stir among fans both old and new alike!

Zendaya Parents: Everything You Need To About Them

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Zendaya Father And Mother

Zendaya is the product of a teacher-filled family. Her father is Kazembe Ajamu Coleman. Zendaya has an African heritage that stems from her father’s side, while her mother’s side includes German and Scottish roots.

While Zendaya reminds us that you can’t underestimate your Scottish ancestors either with blood like hers running through them too–she has some strong whisker marks on display right now if I do say so myself. Check out Zendaya’s full biography.

Zendaya Mother – Claire Stoermer

Zendaya Mother Claire Stoermer

Zendaya’s mother, Claire Stoermer, worked at inner-city schools in Oakland, California. She inspired her daughter when she saw how much work went into making the students realize that education is quite important to lift anyone in any circumstances as a child.

This inspired Zendayah even more so nowadays! Zendaya has been through a lot in the past few years, most notably being away from her mother while trying to pursue acting.

“She’s like my superhero,” said Zendaya of their relationship during an interview with Seventeen magazine last year (2015).

To make sure they could still see each other as often as possible even though Claire lives on opposite coasts of California, these two made some significant decisions together: firstly by moving into one another’s homes where there would otherwise not be room; secondly- by balancing school schedules, so both parties had free mornings every weekday.

Zendaya Mom

Kismet Jewelers is not just a name for Claire’s jewelry line; it’s how she sees herself. The passion and pride in designing pieces that people can customize with their meaning have always been part of what makes this business so rewarding.

Still, even more than ever before now – after seeing her daughter Zendaya wear them out or rave online about mommy dearest making such sweet stuff–Claire knows there are endless opportunities ahead!

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Zendaya Father – Kazembe Ajamu

Zendaya Father Kazembe Ajamu

Zendaya’s father, Kazembe Ajamu, played an essential role in his daughter’s early career. His real name was Samuel David Coleman, but later on, he chose another name for himself.

He accompanied her to set and red carpet events and managed the artist during their formative years together; when she became famous, it made sense that he would switch gears too!

Kazembe has been incredibly supportive of Zendaya’s career, and she knows it.

Even when the wild Internet rumors claimed he wasn’t supporting her, his love encouraged Zendaya to have faith in herself as well as others who are close enough.

Kazembe and Claire are always there for each other, but Zendaya doesn’t hesitate to stand up against Twitter trolls who judge her family.

For example, in 2015, she clapped back at a user on the social media site who called them “ugly,” after seeing one of their photos online.

Zendaya Dad

“It’s a shame that you’re so concerned about what my parents look like when I know these are two of the most selfless people in this world,” Zendaya wrote.

“They’ve chosen to spend their entire lives not worried about trivial things, such as looks or tweets which judge others’ parental skills on social media but instead became teachers who dedicated themselves entirely into filling young minds with knowledge.”

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Zendaya Parents Divorce

Zendaya Parents Divorce

Her parents announced their divorce in 2016 after being together as a couple for 8 years. When the news broke, Zendaya tweeted that her mom and dad had not been together for a long time; “My parents weren’t really hacked off or anything so I didn’t think it was anything too serious.”

She is an inspiration to many young people growing up because of how strong she has shown herself emotionally and physically through hard work on stage at 12 years old without any formal training, just trying new things while sticking with what worked best – singing!

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FAQs Regarding Zendaya Parents

Q. Are Zendaya’s parents divorced?

Zendaya’s parents were divorced in 2016 after 8 years of marriage.

Q. Does Zendaya have Nigerian roots?

Zendaya’s father is an African who moved to The US when he was 18.

Q. Who is Zendaya’s grandfather?

Zendaya discovered that her grandfather has worked as a Hollywood photographer.

Q. Is Zendaya Coleman adopted?

She is not adopted but was born to her father’s second marriage.

Q. Who is Zendaya’s biological mother?

Her mother is Claire Stoermer.

Q. Is Zendaya a triplet?

No. She is a single child.

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