Jesse Watters Family | The TV Star’s Parents, & Twin Daughters

Jesse Watters Family

Jesse is a show host at Fox News. He hosts the shows The Five and Watters World. But Jesse also has an interesting family.

In this article, we will look at Jesse Watters family and all the people around him.

Jesse Watters Family

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There are a total of 7 people in Jesse’s family at the moment. His family consists of his parents, cousin, his current wife, and three children.

Jesse Watters Mother and Father

Jesse’s parents are sweet people who have always supported him on his journey and tried to give him the best they could. His mother is Anne Watters, while his father is Stephen Watters.

Anne Watters is a psychologist by profession. Currently, she is working as a director of admission at the Green Vale School in Glen Head, New York. Jesse has a remarkable bond with his parents.

He once read scolding texts from his mom on a live show which was considerably cute.

Furthermore, Jesse’s mom had also stood by his side when his marital life took some unexpected turns, and he went through the process of divorce and remarrying.

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Jesse Watters Parents Nationality

Jesse Watters Parents

Both Anne and Stephen Watters are American-born. Hence they are American nationals, and so is Jesse Watters. Read Jesse Watters biography.

Jesse Watters Brother

We haven’t found any information regarding this topic yet. But we will surely update you as soon as we dig something up.

Jesse Watters Sister

Apparently, Jesse is an only child. There haven’t been any reports of him having a sibling, nor is there any mention by him or his family in this regard. But we will update you just as we find something new on this topic.

Jesse Watters Cousin

Jesse has a cousin named Harper Watters. Harper is a soloist for the Houston Ballet at this moment.

Harper has earned a considerable amount of fame over time and often states that dancing has helped him overcome many fears and build his personality.

Jesse Watters Daughters | The Adorable Twins

Jesse Watters Daughters

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Jesse has a fascinating family life. He is a father of 3 with two daughters and one son. Today we will talk about Jesse Watters daughters, who also happen to be twins.

Jesse Watters is a father of 2 daughters. Jesse Watters’ daughters’ names are Ellie Watters and Sophie Watters.

Both of his daughters are twins and were born to his first wife, Noelle Watters, who is now his ex-wife.

It is not yet known whether the two live with their mother or father, but they indeed meet each other.

Jesse Watters Son

As we mentioned earlier, Jesse is a father of 3. Jesse Watters’ son was born in 2021. After he married again to Emma Digivione in 2019, Jesse Watters’ baby was born in 2021. Jesse Watters’ baby is named after him; Jesse Jr.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Jesse Watters Family

Q. Who is Jesse Watters’ Sister?

Jesse Watters is apparently an only child. There haven’t been any reports of him having a sibling. But we will update you as soon as we find something new.

Q. Who are Jesse Watters’ Parents?

Jesse Watters was born to Anne and Stephen Watters. His mother is a psychologist by profession, but the profession of his father remains unknown.

Q. Who is Jesse Watters’ mom?

Anne Watters is the mother of Jesse Watters. She is a psychologist and is currently working at the Green Vale School in Glen Head, New York as a director of admissions.

Q. Who is Jesse Watters’ dad?

Jesse’s father is Stephen Watters. However, there aren’t any further details available regarding him. But we will make sure to inform you as soon as something new pops up.

Q. When was Jesse Watters’ baby born?

Jesse Watters’ baby boy was born in 2021 to his second wife, Emma Digivione.

Q. When is Jesse Watters’ new baby due?

Jesse and Emma were expecting in 2020. In early 2021, they were blessed with a baby boy.

Q. Did Jesse Watters have a new baby?

Jesse Watters and Emma Digivione had a baby boy in 2021. He is named after his father, Jesse Jr.

Q. Does Jesse Watters have twins?

Jesse Watters has twin daughters. Ellie and Sophie are twins and were born to Jesse’s ex-wife, Noelle Watters.

Q. Does Jesse Watters have full custody of twins?

Unfortunately, neither the attorneys nor the court has revealed any information regarding the case. However, we are keeping tabs on it and will surely update you as soon as we find something.

Q. What are Jesse Watters’ daughters’ names?

Jesse has twin daughters who were born in 2012. They are named Ellie Watters and Sophia Watters.

Q. How old is Emma Watters?

Born in 2012, Jesse Watters’ daughter Ellie Watters is ten years old as of 2022.

This article was last updated in June, 2024.
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