Jesse Watters Wife | A Twisted Marital Life With Ex & Current Wife

Jesse Watters Wife

Jesse Watters is a renowned TV show host in America. He is mainly famous for his shows Watters World and The Five, aired on Fox News.

Looking into the Jesse Watters wife and marital life, there have been many controversies.

Today, we will have an insight into Jesse’s marital life. What he has gone through and what is currently happening. So if that sounds interesting, let’s hop right into it.

Jesse Watters Wife

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Jesse has been a star for some years, and as a result, he is never far from controversy. There is a major unfolding to his marital life story, which we are going to reveal now.

Jesse Watters First Wife – Noelle

Jesse Watters First Wife Noelle

Jesse was first married to Noelle Watters. The couple had reportedly met on-set.

It is said that Noelle was working in advertising and promotion while Jesse was working in the O’Reilly Factor. He was slowly carving his way up the ladder when their paths crossed.

Jesse and Noelle married in 2009; they were seemingly a happy couple, and two years later, they were blessed with twin daughters.

At this event, Jesse took a maternity leave from Fox News and did not return to his work for some time.

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Jesse Watters Second Wife

After the divorce of Jesse and Noelle, Jesse and Emma had more time and opportunity to get serious about matters.

Soon after the divorce, Jesse tweeted through his handle, announcing his engagement with Emma.

Jesse Watters Emma Digiovine

As we said earlier, Jesse has never been far from controversies. In the year 2017, Jesse got divorced.

However, there was a backstory to this event which many people are unaware of. Jesse is said to be having an affair with one of the co-workers at Fox.

This co-worker was Emma Digiovine. Emma and Jesse have been working together since 2015, but the relationship started when Emma was made associate producer of Watters World.

Some people also claim that Jesse also influenced Emma’s positions. Whatever the reality was, Emma’s post did allow the two to take things further.

In 2017, he was accused of this relationship. Surprisingly, Jesse did not deny it. In fact, he chose to accept and make it public to the audience.

He admitted having an affair with Emma for some time and admitted that he had cheated on his wife.

Upon this matter, Fox News took action and shifted Emma from Watters World to The Ingraham Angle. Following this event, Jesse’s first wife, Noelle, filed for divorce in 2017.

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Jesse Watters Wedding

In the year 2019, Jesse Watters got married to Emma Digiovine in Naples. The marriage was of elite standards, and many prominent figures, mainly from the Trump family, were seen.

Jesse was a strong supporter of Donald Trump and hence had many ties with the family.

Jesse Watters Marriage

Since their marriage, Jesse and Emma have been living a happy life, and they often decide to take it to social media and share it with their fans.

Despite the unusual circumstances of their meeting, they both seem to live merrily without any remorse or any hint of scandal.

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What People Ask About Jesse Watters Wife

Q. How old is Jesse Watters wife?

Jesse’s current wife, Emma Digiovine, was born in 1992. As of 2022, she is about 30 years old.

Q. Who is Jesse Watters married to?

Jesse is married to Emma Digiovine. She was appointed as the associate producer on his show The Watters World. They both had an affair since 2015 but made it public in 2017. After Jesse’s divorce in 2017, they took matters seriously. The couple was married in 2019.

Q. Who is Jesse Watters wife?

Jesse Watters’ first wife was Noelle Watters. They were married in 2009, and however, due to a scandal involving Jesse, they divorced in 2017. Jesse remarried in 2019. He is currently married to Emma Digiovine, the same person he was having an affair with.

Q. How did Jesse Watters meet Emma?

Emma Digiovine was an associate producer on a show that Jesse hosted; Watters World. They both met on-set. They had been seemingly having an affair since 2015, but after Jesse’s divorce in 2017, they married in 2019.

Q. When did Jesse Watters get married?

Jesse was first married to Noelle in 2009. However, after their divorce in 2017, Jesse married again. This time, he married Emma Digiovine, who was a co-worker. The couple married in 2019.

Q. Who is Jesse Watters engaged to?

Jesse is currently married. His wife is Emma Digiovine, who was his co-worker. She is now 30 years old.

Q. Is Jesse Watters still married?

Yes, Jesse is currently married to Emma Digiovine.

Q. Who is Jesse Watters current wife?

The current wife of Jesse Watters is Emma Digiovine. The couple tied the knot back in 2019.

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