Who Is Devon Larratt Wife? | Family, Kids, Relationship, And Facts

Devon Larratt wife

You’re mistaken if you think that Jodi Larratt has emerged to fame being Devon Larratt’s wife.

She has also worked in the Hollywood industry and appeared in several hit tv shows and soaps. Devon Larratt’s wife is currently 46 years old.

Jodi Larratt is a multi-tasker, as she is managing different professions at the same time. She is an incredible actor and also a professional athlete.

Along with that, she is also a homemaker and an exceptional mother to three young kids.

Jodi Larratt and Devon Larratt got married 17 years ago and since then, they both are living happily.

Devon Larratt Wife, Jodi Larratt, has also taken part in arm wrestling with training from the master himself, Devon Larratt.

Jodi Larratt has been in the spotlight for many reasons, and her fans search for more details related to her.

So, for your convenience, we have gathered all the information related to Devon Larratt’s wife, Jodi Larratt. Follow me till the end.

Where Did Jodi Larratt Live? Early Life And Education

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Jodi Larratt was born in Canada on 24 April 1975. Jodi Larratt has lived in some city with her parents and spent early childhood days in her home.

Details about her parents and siblings are away from the public reach, and Jodi hasn’t talked about it either.

However, she got admission to some Canadian school for her primary education, and also went to high school for further studies.

After that, she pursued her bachelors from a university in the state.

When Did Jodi Larratt Tie The Knot With Devon Larratt? | Hidden Facts

Jodi Larratt and Devon Larratt had fallen in love after getting to know each other through some gathering.

They both share unique chemistry, and their love continues to blossom even after years of marriage.

Devon Larratt wife Jodi Larratt

Moreover, Devon Larratt and Jodi have dated for quite a while before getting committed to each other.

They both tied the knot in 2003 and have been living a happy life together and their children since then.

Last year, they celebrated their eighteenth wedding anniversary together. Devon Larratt has also appeared in many vlogs of Jodi Larratt on her YouTube channel.

How Many Kids Jodi Larratt Have? – Family

Devon Larratt and Jodi Larratt have been parents to three young kids. All of her kids are working as child artists in many top hit movies and series.

Auden Larratt has entered his adulthood now and has worked on movies like The Disappearance (2017), Clown (2014) and The Bold Type (2017).

Habree Larratt is also a child artist and has appeared in a lot of recent movies.

Her movies include; Orphan Black, A Storybook Christmas, The Blackcoat’s Daughter, The Perfect Soulmate and more.

Milo Larratt has worked the least in both the siblings and has appeared in only two movies, Race and Milton’s Secret.

Jodi Larratt Career – Arm wrestling And TV Shows

Jodi Larratt is also a Tv personality and made it to the big screen by doing some Tv series and movies. Her TV series, No Easy Days, was one highly rated show of that time.

She has also worked along with his daughter Habree in a movie called A Storybook Christmas. Jodi was also an essential part of the movie The Girl He Met Online.

After getting married to Devon Larratt, she started training for arm wrestling and soon appeared in many competitions.

Devon Larratt’s records of arm wrestling also inspired Jodi Larratt.

She was among the finalists during the World Arm wrestling league 2014 and had also taken part in many other competitions.

In 2015, she was 2nd in left-hand arm wrestling and 4th in right-hand arm wrestling in the WAL competition.

Like the net worth of Devon Larratt, Jodi Larratt’s earnings also got a boost with her wrestling career.

Devon Larratt Wife Wiki – Age, Height, Weight And More

Devon Larratt’s wife stands tall at the height of five feet and nine inches. Her slim figure makes her look charming and decent. Jodi Larratt’s age is forty-six years old as of 2024.

Jodi Larratt has a good weight of 65kg. Her star sign is Taurus.

What People Ask About Devon Larratt Wife

Q. How many kids does Jodi Larratt have?

Jodi Larratt is a mother to three kids, namely Auden, Habree and Milo Larratt. All three of her children have been working on the TV.

Q. When did Jodi and Devon get married?

Jodi Larratt married Devon in the year 2003 before dating each other for some time. They have both now happily married for more than 18 years.

Q. When did Jodi Larratt start her arm wrestling journey?

Jodi started her ram wrestling journey after getting married to the best arm wrestler in the world. Devon Larratt was her trainer, and she also took part in the WAL competition two times.

Q. When did Jodi Larratt debut in the film industry?

Jodi Larratt first appeared on the big screen as a supporting actress in 2014. Her debuted movie was The Girl He Met Online which also features Yvonne Zima and Shawn Robert.

Q. Did Jodi Larratt win any competition?

Jodi Larratt participated in World Arm wrestling League in the years 2014 and 2015. In 2014, she made it to the final match, while in 2015, she was the 2nd in left-arm and 4th in right-arm wrestling.

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