Devon Larratt Net Worth 2024 | Arm Wrestler Earnings And Salary

Devon Larratt Net Worth

Devon Larratt has emerged as a Canadian arm wrestler and a top-notch YouTuber. Devon Larratt’s net worth comes out to be $300 thousand or $0.3 million dollars.

However, he did not initially start his journey in wrestling; he was a member of the Canadian Armed Force and later joined the wrestling and social community.

Net Worth$300,000
Earnings Per Tournament$75,000

Moreover, he has many awards under his name for being a competitive wrestler. He has an outstanding record of knocking his opponents real quick in the game.

Devon is also the current heavyweight champion of both the Right and Left-Arm World Armwrestling League. With that, he is the top and most anticipated arm wrestler in the world.

If you are here, you must know a bit of information about him, his career and life. But Do you know about his net worth, monthly income, source of earnings, and more? Do not worry!

We are here to tell you all the details of Devon Larratt’s net worth and salary. Stay with me till the end.

What Is Devon Larratt Net Worth In 2024?

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Devon Larratt has made the most out of his wrestling career and his YouTube platform. He is among the top arm wrestling players, defeating many of his competitors in a single chance.

Moreover, he has made his income out of his profession. Devon Larratt’s net worth comes out to be 0.3 million dollars.

Devon Larratt has a pretty incredible source of income. He has established for himself a good bank balance owing to his joyous luxurious life.

Devon Larratt’s net worth (2019) was $176 thousand. He did not earn all of this out of his immense dedication and sheer talent.

Devon Larratt earns a hefty amount of money from his fights and campaigns.

Also, he is a heavyweight champion, making him a very sought-after personality in the arm-wrestling world.

But do you have any idea of his earnings in a month? Let us have a look at that.

How Much Devon Larratt Earns In a Month?

Devon Larratt Earnings

By looking at Devon Larratt’s net worth, you must be pondering about his monthly salary and various sources of income.

To clarify that, he has multiple sources of income that add up to his monthly salary. His monthly income exceeds the 100k mark providing him an excellent yearly wage.

He is currently earning from the wrestling tournament, YouTube, and also from his seminars.

All this success has made him a millionaire contributing to his luxurious and cheerful life.

What Are Devon Larratt Sources Of Income?

Devon Larratt does not have multiple sources of income. At a very young age, he went down with his passion in arm wrestling.

However, he had joined the Canadian forces but did not give up on arm wrestling. Today, Devon Larratt is making his living out of passion.

Devon Larratt’s Revenue From YouTube | 2024

This arm wrestling champion is one of the top wrestlers of the world, having more than 406K subscribers on the platform.

His channel generates good revenue for them and also makes him a social media personality.

His random videos have gained him colossal limelight and a great platform to interact with his fans.

His subscribers love his tips on the wrestling game and also his wrestling videos. His top video has more than 3.4 million views across the platform.

He is earning approximately $150K per month from the YouTube platform.

Devon Larratt Revenue From Wresting | 2024

Devon Larratt has chosen the wrestling profession after being working as a Canadian Armed force member.

He has changed his career because of his keen interest in this game. Along with passion, this game is earning him a great deal of money.

Devon Larratt, No Limits wrestling star, has recently earned $75,000 from the tournament and taken $1000 for his seminars and public interactions.

How Devon Larratt Became Number One?

Devon Larratt had worked hard to make himself at the top position in the arm wrestling world.

He started his career as a Canadian Army member and then struggled mightily to take his place in arm wrestling.

By now, He has become the champion of the heavy lifting in both right and left World Armwrestling.

Later, he joined the YouTube channel as a fitness coach, wrestling trainer, and vlogger. From all of this, he has earned a handful of money and fame alike.

Devon Larratt Possessions | Car And House

Devon Larratt does not seem to be a great fan of luxury and sports cars. He showed none of his cars on the social networking platform.

Also, he has a slight interest in things other than wrestling.

Devon lives in a luxury home and has invested his money in a magnificent house regarding his use. He lives there with his wife, Jodi Larratt.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Devon Larratt Net Worth

Q. What is Devon Larratt’s net worth in 2022?

Devon Larratt’s net worth is approximately $0.3 million in 2022. His primary sources are wrestling, YouTube, and gaming tournaments.

Q. What is Devon Larratt profession?

Devon Larratt is an arm wrestler by profession. What is more, he is a content creator on YouTube, a coach, and a previous Canadian Army officer.

Q. How much Devon Larratt earns in a month?

Devon Larratt earns a good amount of money weekly and monthly. He makes almost $110k from YouTube monthly and much more from his wrestling tournaments.

Q. What is the age of Devon Larratt?

This left arm wrestler is currently in his forties. He was born on April 24, 1975, making him celebrate his 44th anniversary this year.

Q. Why Devon Larratt does not use his right hand?

Devon Larratt has undergone surgery on his right hand, which makes him fight from his left arm. He is currently a professional in Left Arm Wrestling.

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