Devon Larratt Wiki, Bio, Record, Height, Arms, YouTube (No Limits)

Devon Larratt Wiki

Devon Larratt has emerged as the best all-time heavyweight arm wrestler in the world.

He has made his palace among the top wrestlers in this category with many undefeated records. Let’s dive into Devon Larratt wiki, bio, and record.

Devon Larratt Biography And Wiki

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Real NameDevon Larratt
Additional NameNo Limits
ProfessionArm wrestler & YouTuber
Birth Date24-04-1975
Birth PlaceVictoria, Canada
Zodiac Sign/StarTaurus
Height6 feet 5 inches (1.96 meters)
Weight224 lbs (102 kg)
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorBlue
Forearm Size38 cm
Bicep Size43.5 cm
Skin TypeFair
Body Type/Sexual OrientationMuscular
Marital StatusMarried
SpouseJodi Larratt
ChildrenAuden Larratt, Habree Larratt, and Milo Larratt
SiblingsBrother – Shannon
Social Media PresenceInstagram, Twitter, YouTube, Tiktok, Facebook

Devon Larratt has also joined the video-sharing platform on YouTube. Devon has also given sears on wrestling, and for that, he takes a handful of money.

Devon Larratt has developed an interest in arm wrestling from the beginning, and since then, he has started taking classes and courses for that.

However, he enrolled in the Canadian Army and left it to follow his genuine passion and interest. Now, he got known by the name of No-limits in the wrestling world.

This popularity did not happen in a single day, as he had worked extremely hard to get into the game and follow his passion.

Follow us till the end to know more about Devon Larratt wiki, biography, height, weight, family, and more.

Where Did Devon Larratt Grow Up? – Early Life

Devon Larratt took his first breath on 24th April 1975, in Victoria, Canada. He lived there his entire high school and established a great attachment to the city.

He soon started his service in the Canadian Army and served there until his passion for arm wrestling grew stronger.

In his childhood, he has also taken part in the judo game. In his youth, he has also experienced the judo game.

Soon, he left the Army and worked immensely hard for his passion. As of now, he has gained the name of the top wrestlers in the world.

Is Devon Larratt Well Educated? – Education

Devon Larratt biography

Devon Larratt has an excellent educational background. He was a talented student and has achieved good grades in his student life.

He started his passion for making in his school days, which led him to pursue the career.

He completed high school and did not pursue a bachelor’s. Instead, he took part in the Canadian Army.

After that, he was unable to focus on his studies. From there on, he trained for the Army and even got deployed several times.

How does Devon Larratt Became No-Limits? – Career and Struggles

Like many other wrestlers, Devon’s life was also full of struggles that made him now; he is the most muscular man in the wrestling category.

His passion blossomed when he played an arm wrestling match with his grandmother, who is most potent among all others.

He started his career as an arm wrestler in 1999 while participating in an event held in Japan.

Later, he struggled and made it to the Ontario Championships in 2003, defeating many top players.

The following year was pretty bad for him as he lost a match that year with many famous arm wrestlers.

After that, he left wrestling and focused on his training in the Canadian army force. He later let the Army.

Devon Larratt arm wrestler

Devon had also created in 2007, when he defeated Ron Bath, with a 6-0 stat.

Devon defeated the Arm wrestling master and the undefeated person in 25 years and broke many records.

Like that, he has achieved a lot with slow progress and ultimately became the Heavy lifting left-hand wrestling champion.

Devon Larratt Records

Devon Larratt vs. Schoolboy (2020) WonLeft Hand
Devon Larratt vs. Denis Cyplenkov (2018)LossLeft Hand
Devon Larratt vs. John Brzenk (2004)LossRight Hand
Devon Larratt vs. John Brzenk (2008)WonRight Hand
Devon Larratt vs. John Brzenk (2015)LossRight Hand
Devon Larratt vs. Travis Bagent (2005)LossRight Hand
Devon Larratt vs. Travis Bagent (2008)WonRight Hand
Devon Larratt vs. Travis Bagent (2010)WonLeft Hand
Devon Larratt vs. Dave Chaffee (2019)WonRight Hand
Devon Larratt vs. Michael Todd (2011)WonRight Hand
Devon Larratt vs. Michael Todd (2018)LossRight Hand
Devon Larratt vs. Michael Todd (2021)WonRight Hand
Devon Larratt vs. Todd Hutchings (2019)WonRight Hand
Devon Larratt vs. Matt Mask (2016)WonLeft Hand
Devon Larratt vs. Matt Mask (2017)WonLeft Hand
Devon Larratt vs. Matt Mask (2017)WonRight Hand
Devon Larratt vs. Matt Mask (2018)WonRight Hand
Devon Larratt vs. Don UnderWood (2010)WonRight Hand
Devon Larratt vs. Don UnderWood (2011)WonRight Hand
Devon Larratt vs. Jerry Cadorette (2018)WonRight Hand
Devon Larratt vs. Oleg Zhokh (2013)WonLeft Hand
Devon Larratt vs. Eric Woelful (2013)WonLeft Hand

Devon Larratt Family | Parents And Siblings

Devon Larratt’s parents are not known to the public. However, he has talked about his brother Shannon publicly.

So far as, his personal life is concerned, Devon Larratt’s wife, Jodi Larratt, is also a professional arm wrestler.

He’s a kind of private person who doesn’t like to share much of his personal life and family.

Devon Larratt Achievements And Accolades

With hard work, there is always a prize. Devon Larratt is no exception when getting rewarded for his hard work and dedication to the game.

He has earned a lot of awards as an arm-wrestling champion. He has awards which include;

  • WAL Championship Left Hand
  • National championship award by the Canadian Government – Five years
  • Arm Wrestling (Bronze Medal)
  • WAL Left Arm Heavyweight Champion
  • WAL league 2016

Devon Larratt Wiki – Height, Weight, And Age

Devon Larratt has a decent height of six feet and 5 inches. Because his muscular body has a more significant weight than ordinary people, 102kg approximately.

His current age is forty-six, and his star sign is Taurus.

Frequently Asked Questions About Devon Larratt Wiki

Q. How much does Devon Larratt earn from championships?

Devon Larratt has earned a hefty amount of $75,000 from championships and leagues. He also takes seminars charging $1000. All of these have made a significant contribution to Devon Larratt net worth.

Q. Is Devon Larratt married?

Devon Larratt has been happily married since 2003 to Jodi Larratt. Jodi Larratt is an actress and also an arm wrestler.

Q. How much does Devon Larratt weigh?

Devon Larratt has a tall height and a great muscular body, making him a more significant weight. His current weight is more than 102kg.

Q. What are the sizes of Devon Larratt’s arm and biceps?

Devon Larratt has big biceps and a solid muscular arm because of his profession. His biceps size is 44 cm, while his arm size equals 38 cm.

Q. What is Devon Larratt Instagram?

Devon Larratt is on Instagram by the name of @devlarratt. In this photo-sharing platform, he has more than 240k followers.

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