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AB Quintanilla net worth

AB Quintanilla, Born Abraham Isaac Quintanilla III, is the only brother of the late singer Selena, who got fame because of her Tejano Music.

Later in his life, Ab Quintanilla has made a ton of wealth from multiple sources. As of today, Ab Quintanilla’s net worth exceeds 5 million dollars.

Net Worth$5+ million
Earnings$30,000 per month
Annual Income$400,000

In the beginning, Ab Quintanilla made his fortune by working as a bassist for his sister’s songs.

Yet, the query is: How did he get all the cash after the demise of Selena? After his sister’s death, AB Quintanilla has worked as a musician, record producer, and musician to earn more bucks from his profession.

What’s more? He has worked under many labels and also created two of his bands. Want to discover more of his earnings and salary per month?

In that case, you don’t need to go anywhere else, as we have covered everything related to AB Quintanilla’s net worth. Let us get started!

What Is AB Quintanilla Net Worth In 2024?

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AB Quintanilla rapper Net Worth

With many of you wondering about the net worth of Selena’s brother, you would be surprised to know that AB Quintanilla’s net worth has reached $5 million in 2024.

Not only that, his net worth is getting bigger and bigger, as he has multiple revenue sources.

With that said, AB Quintanilla’s net worth is $5 million, as confirmed from the sources. From working as a bassist in the famous Tejano band, Selena y Los Dinos, he has gained a lot of fame.

After that, he started making some other investments to earn more wealth.

Today, Ab Quintanilla has worked under multiple label companies and is also the owner of two bands.

His bands Kumbia Kings and Kumbia All Starz have also produced some famous hits and got massive attention from the public.

Was AB Quintanilla Journey To Success Difficult?

AB Quintanilla record producer income

Ab Quintanilla Success wasn’t a hard rock as he already got enough limelight from the band Selena y Los Dinos.

He has worked as a co-writer, Bassitt, and also as a musician in the round. From there on, people get to know him more because of his sister’s popularity.

After the horrific incident of Selena’s murder, her family got the attention of all her fans around the globe.

There on, AB Quintanilla has gained immense popularity and got signed up by many record labels. Likewise, he has composed numerous melodies both himself and as a team with different lyricists.

Not only that, but Ab Quintanilla has also emerged as a record producer and musician, producing many hit songs and albums.

AB Quintanilla has picked Tejano, Cumbia, Reggae as his top music genres. Many of his songs have made it to the top charts several times.

AB Quintanilla Career: Fame Earns You Money!

AB Quintanilla had a little more successful career before the death of his sister. He only contributed to Selena y Los Dinos as a bassist and a co-songwriter.

AB Quintanilla Earnings

However, the sudden death of his sister proved to be a turning point in his career as they have got all the attention from Selena’s fans.

Before long, many record labels endorsed AB Quintanilla, where he delivered some quality music. Not only that, but he has also created his band, Kumbia Kings, in 1998.

Their songs were a colossal hit on the charts, leading to many world tours. That has brought him a sensible amount of cash.

After this, He has also created two other bands, Kumbia All Starz and Elektro Kumbia. Both bands are active in producing splendid music and have earned fame and success from their albums and YouTube views.

How Much Is AB Quintanilla Monthly Salary?

Ab Quintanilla is earning a pretty good sum of money from his association with multiple bands and co-operations.

He has made a spot for himself in the music business as a producer, lyricist, and top artist.

Moreover, he also has other revenues to generate a good monthly income. To our information, his monthly salary is approximately $32,000, making him earn a $4,00,000 revenue yearly.

He started his earnings as a bassist member of his sister’s band. After that, he established some of his labels and produced many songs there.

He has also signed deals with many record labels to increase his monthly and yearly salary.

Is AB Quintanilla Rich And Famous?

Without any doubt, Ab Quintanilla has earned both fame and success in his life.

Through his persistent effort and commitment to music, he has acquired the consideration of many individuals. Till now, AB Quintanilla has gathered a large fan base that is helping him grow more and more.

AB Quintanilla Singer

AB Quintanilla’s career as a songwriter has also made him many bucks. He has written Selena’s singles like No Me Queda Más, Como La Flor, Amor Prohibido and worked as a co-writer for his bands.

How Did AB Quintanilla Earn His Wealth?

His band, Elektro Kumbia, is the reason for his wealth today. His band has produced many top songs and music videos; all of them are under the production of AB Quintanilla.

One of his band’s songs has crossed many millions on the YouTube app, making him a fair amount.

Not only this, but he has also signed great deals with many top record labels, which offered him many million bucks. Currently, he is also working with DEL records as a songwriter and musician. His previous associations with brands are:

  • EMI Latin (1989–2009)
  • Capitol Latin (2009–2012)
  • Universal Music Latin Entertainment (2012–2016)

FAQs Regarding AB Quintanilla Net Worth

Q. How much is AB Quintanilla net worth?

AB Quintanilla has gathered a lot of money from his production and music company. As of 2022, AB Quintanilla’s net worth is over 5 million dollars.

Q. What was AB Quintanilla’s car in the beginning?

One of AB Quintanilla’s cars was a Buick Somerset, which happened to be his first-ever car. He bought it for $6000 back in those years. Nevertheless, it took him three years to pay off the debt.

Q. Does Abraham still own Selena’s house?

No, Abraham and another family member of Selena have sold the house after her death. Selena’s family doesn’t own that house anymore.

Q. How much is Selena’s brother AB worth?

Selena’s brother’s net worth is more than $5 million, as per reports. Moreover, His net worth could be much more than the estimated figures.

Q. How Much Money Does A.B. Quintanilla Make?

AB Quintanilla has a hefty monthly income of $32,000, which contributes mainly to his yearly income exceeding the $400,000 mark.

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